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  1. timmytree

    WJ again.

    I hope nobody reacts to him this time, look at the free/bad publicity he got over the crows on the gate and the death threats, poo in the post and so on. That kind of behaviour didn't do us any favours.
  2. timmytree

    WJ again.

  3. timmytree

    World Cup cricket

    The only reason you Scots don't play is that it's a game for gentlemen, not hooligans in skirts who go around shouting "freedom!" at every opportunity. Honestly, to watch it was to experience every emotion possible. No one who watched it could fail to be moved. Winning was good but the margin was so narrow that I think it should have been called a draw to be fair to two fantastic teams who battled to the end.
  4. timmytree

    World Cup cricket

    I reckon the closest and most exciting I've ever seen. Look at the state of young Stokes at the end, he was hanging. That flukey deflection of a throw that made the boundary showed luck was on our side, luck was all that divided the two teams, they both deserved to win.
  5. timmytree

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    In 1972 the Sniper was on sale at £9.95. I got one in 1973, I was pleased at the time but realistically it was a garden plinker, low power which wasn't helped with the pellets available at the time. It did stop a couple of rabbits at very short range but was mainly used for knocking sparrows and starlings out of the apple trees or war games with the lads from the next village. We shot each other regularly, usually in the back or legs. We only had a couple of hospital visits!
  6. timmytree

    World Cup cricket

    I lined up 2 plates of sandwiches and 20 beers in the fridge at 10 this morning. Been on the edge of my seat ever since, lost my voice and tired out. England won but all credit to both teams for a fantastic, nailbiting match. I have never seen so much tension and drama. Only a few beers left so I'm off to bed soon.
  7. timmytree

    Flat roofs

    My last loft extension I did myself, fitted firring strips of 3 inches down to nothing over 4.5 metres. Marine ply deck on 6 x 2 timbers, 3 layers of felt with big overlap joints staggered on each layer. Full bitumastic layer between each felt layer. After 10 years it was still fine but topped it with another bitumastic layer and top felt. Sold it 6 years ago and its still fine. Put a decent fall on a flat roof and it will last a lot longer.
  8. timmytree

    Remington Express. 22

    Nothing to do with the Yanks, they're made in China.
  9. timmytree

    Funny Joke Thread

  10. timmytree

    That's townies for ya lol

    My solution? Spread slurry all over the field and then set up a clay shoot every saturday and sunday morning.
  11. timmytree

    Good, bad & the shitty

    You were lucky! Years ago I was overnight piking in freezing weather on Kings Sedgemoor drain, had a curry in the evening and a few hours later got that urgent straining on the nipsy. Got behind an old wall and dropped one piece suit, jeans and caks and let go. Like vesuvius but without the smoke. Cleared up with newspaper, I bet thats the first time Sam Fox has had her face somewhere like that! Anyway, up with jeans and caks, pulled the suit on and then flipped the hood up. Then I got the stink and the hot wet brown stuff running down my face. Shit in my hood!
  12. timmytree

    Is it a bird!

    Keep an eye out for Uncle Umbongo kids, he's dropping in later. SPLAT.
  13. timmytree

    Stray missile hits Cyprus

    East of the Med is just a nasty mix of warring nations and factions, they're never happier than when they're killing each other. It's always been the same and always will be. Let them get on with it, why do the West insist on getting involved? So what if a missile landed in Northern Cyprus? It fell in an area that the Turks invaded in 1974, they're hardly innocent are they?
  14. timmytree

    Is it a bird!

    He's got out of paying for the new slabs too.
  15. timmytree

    Venturing into pcp's and HFT

    Very nice, but you could have saved a lot of money by buying a BSA with the Gamo name on it. Coyote, GX40 and Phox are pretty much identical action but a lot cheaper. Still made in Birmingham by BSA. The Phox with pump, scope, silencer and bag is under £500, GX 40 bare recently was under £300 and the woodstocked Coyote is £400 or less. Basically the same rifles but with a different name.