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  1. The longer my area is overlooked by holidaymakers the happier I'll be. Being on lockdown is a bugger, I can look across the levels from my window and see the hills but I can't get there!
  2. Nice pix Greyman, I've seen that view from the bridge so many times but never walked it. My stamping ground is the Quantocks and the river Parrett and the coastline from Brean down round to Kilve.
  3. 45 years ago, up on the Quantocks with Helen when I pinched my old mans car for the night. Now she's a fat granny with no teeth!!
  4. Bronx Zoo in New York, 1 tiger confirmed as having CV 19, 3 more tigers and 3 lions showing symptoms. Apparently caught off the keeper. I wonder if ordinary moggies can get it and if so can they spread it to humans?
  5. In the future we should distance ourselves from China completely, so should the whole world. Those dirty sods have produced all the worst viruses to infect the world in living memory due to their disgusting habits. Lets start to produce everything we need here, pay a bit more for it and isolate them completely. No travel, no business, no deals, no Chinese students, no tech 5G. Zilch. We don't need Chinese crap or Chinese diseases. Lock them down.
  6. If you made it from my old bitch it would be as bitter as hell.
  7. OOh look!! Food and sex delivery!
  8. According to my son there's some right pigs in Asda.
  9. Any white men back in Bradford?
  10. Do what I do, when you get in front slow right down and hold them up, they hate it when they're on a timer. Another good one is to turn your nearside washer jet sideways and give them a squirt as you overtake.
  11. About time there was a crackdown! A woman has been fined for breaching coronavirus restrictions after she refused to tell police who she was and why she was at a railway station. Marie Dinou, 41, from York, was arrested at Newcastle Central Station at 08:00 GMT on Saturday. North Tyneside Magistrates' Court imposed a £660 fine under the Coronavirus Act 2020 on Monday. Dinou, who did not enter a plea, was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £66 and costs of £85. More from Yorkshire British Transport Police assistant chief constable Sean O'Callaghan said enforcement of the new legislation was a last resort. "In this case, officers tried their utmost best to engage with Dinou. "I can assure you we would much rather not have to take such action." People risk committing an offence if they appear to be breaching restrictions laid out in the emergency legislation and fail to give a reasonable excuse when challenged.
  12. Plenty. We're 2 to 3 weeks from the peak, 500+ just today, 700+ tomorrow? Project that forward and see where we get to, that's scary.
  13. So if you got held up and took 3 minutes and then got pulled would you be happy with that?
  14. You're welcome mate, but ffs don't sing and leave the sheep alone!
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