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  1. timmytree

    Mumbo jumbo!

    Packham and pheasants, Stavross answered that. If there is a lead ban there is no point in stocking up because the ban is likely to be a ban on use from a certain date.
  2. timmytree

    JSB jamming

    Yep, JSB make AA pellets but using dies that are unique to and owned by AA.
  3. timmytree

    bloody spiders

    I've got a similar bite on my leg, went from 10p size to teaplate size in 2 days. Trip to casualty for blood tests and antibiotics. Think I was bitten at night because I didn't feel anything until it started itching.
  4. timmytree

    Shooting Log

    I shot a log at close range and got hit in the eye by a bit of sweetcorn.
  5. No way, she had to buy her own. Why would I let her have mine? I gave up sharing once I tasted her cooking.
  6. timmytree

    What the f**k .......

  7. timmytree

    What the f**k .......

    You mean the MPs?
  8. timmytree

    So is this the answer?

    We used to have slug wars when I was a kid, collect a load of the big orange or black slugs and stand about 20 yards apart and fire them at each other from home made catties. Getting one of them in the teeth is something you never forget. We also used to roam the village firing them at bedroom windows or courting couples, parked cars and pissheads coming out the pub late at night. We were so well behaved in those days!
  9. timmytree

    So is this the answer?

    Right, the sensible answer is there is nothig to stop you shooting pigeons with a catty but you are STILL governed by the GLs currently in force. There is also one other rule, apparently it's illegal to use stones as ammo!
  10. timmytree

    So is this the answer?

    On the wing with a catty? You aren't Ellie May from the Beverley Hillbillies are you?
  11. timmytree

    So is this the answer?

    Only if your catty makes a noise like a 12g.
  12. timmytree


    That's a bit unfair, they can't help being wobbly in the head.
  13. Took the caravan to Paignton years ago and had to dig a trench through the awning to help the water out! We ended up with pallets to walk on and a small pond which I kept the crates of homebrew in to keep cool. My ex tripped in the trench one night and broke her ankle and spent 2 days in hospital, best holiday ever!
  14. timmytree

    General Licence SCOTLAND

    Ok, then shouldn't we be doing our best to sort out the planks on the forums? That's what I'm doing because I want to keep some shooting, not have a total ban. We already know that the antis are watching us, so are the police, WJ and DEFRA/NE. DEFRA have already stated they are prepared to revoke the GLs again if the rules are abused. Do you want to sit back and let that happen? Or would you rather get involved and call out the prats who are ruining it for everyone? Do you want to tell your grandkids that they can only shoot paper targets because you wouldn't stand up for your rights against the dickheads? I see it clearly, the prats who are screwing up shooting are no better than smackheads in the community, they need sorting out before they screw it up for all of us.
  15. timmytree

    General Licence SCOTLAND

    I agree with most of that but with the increase in punishment for wildlife crimes and the public interest there are a majority of shooters who face losing live shooting because of a few who won't abide by the rules. Some will still shoot regardless but the majority of law abiding people will lose out. Is that fair? The bit I put up about the horsey perm, that is someone who shot woodies off a water trough in the recent hot weather, no crop, no threat. We have been asked in the past to exercise restraint in hot weather or extreme weather. Those birds were not a threat, they weren't going to attack horses. The only reason to shoot woodies is crop protection, what crop is grown at a stables? The majority of us can comply with rules set by DEFRA, the risk is the idiots who cannot or will not understand or don't care . I'm going to carry on highlighting the idiots because they are ruining my sport that I've enjoyed for 50 years. If they don't learn then I'll start reporting to wildlife crime unit, DEFRA, NE and anyone else that will listen and i hope the fuckwits get busted for the full amount which is now an unlimited fine, 6 months inside and a lifetime ban from owning anything more than a catapult. I abide by the law as do most of us, we may have misunderstandings sometimes but you know exactly what I mean. I'd like woodies to be declared a game bird and end the aggro but that isn't going to happen, not while 50 million+ pheasants get released every year. Right now they are covered by GL 36, crop protection only, that's the law. If we don't stick to it we'll lose it, that also includes trying to get other shooters to obey the rules doesn't it?