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  1. Thats braw Griff, you could do a bundle on them! Lots of people would want one..... I think the 'black' came from the handles, didnt they used to use bog oak, so the handles were generally black in colour? I've read various bits about them, supposed to be smooth on one side and textured on the other for comfort wearing and drawing smoothly......there are loads of differing opinions on what they should be like. I once got stopped by the guards in Dublin for allegedly carrying a sgian down my sock when on rugby tour......it was actually a soup spoon from the hotel.....witnessed b
  2. Yep, glad to hear misfortunes happening to other people too. I went to jump a ditch in a hardwood plantation 3 weeks ago, on the trail of a destructive roe, didnt see the loop of wire that the fencer had left in the long grass......managed to snare myself round the ankle and my fairly considerable bulk came down, full weight on my hamstring, rrrrrip....fekkin sore....still limping. We go the beast though, I shot it and my mate had to carry it!! Benefit of the injury....
  3. Whats wrong with gaffer tape? I have 2 estwings, one brand new, never used in anger and my old trusty one with a gaffer tape handle.... Seriously though, cracking job as usual griff, looks great.....
  4. If there are eejits out there buying this keech, then I am going to Bothwell Bridge dugs home tonight.....set myself up with some crackers.....fluffy poos and allsorts......I'm know what will sell too! Wookies! Whippet x poodle x yorkies.......just in time for the new star wars film coming out..... Ye lot can forget it, I'm going to patent my new breed.....very rare....carefully selected stock.....
  5. Is Lanark market still going? I used to go there many years ago to pick up a few chooks for fly tying feathers, if its still on you will get birds there for sure.....used to be every Monday.
  6. Best one I heard was a mate of mine, got a yopper job after school at the local zoo, the old Calderpark zoo near Uddingston. He was the penguin keeper....and you just need to mention penguins to him and he goes rage, apparently they are right little fekkers and they peck you every time your turn your back, they knew where to get him right above his wellies and the back of his legs are still pockmarked with scars years later.....and he was on crap money too.....the joys of Thatchers YOP and YTS. What made me stick in at school was watching the poor fekkers on a YTS scheme out of the classr
  7. Always grim mate, RIP Kes....
  8. I heard on the jungle drums that the Rolls Royce turbine in it has thrown a blade through the rest of the engine. They are going to have to cut a hole in the side of it and replace the entire assembly....doh.....
  9. Ha ha!! Finlay Calder gave me a black eye, I was in a tussle with his brother! (on the park).......we had a good few pints after in the bar......good lads.....
  10. My auld man met Ali, shook his hand and then burst into tears....I've got pictures and Ali's autograph. I've met Charlie Magri and a load of rugby internationals over the years, met Sean Connery in Spain.
  11. Not just on set lines! I hooked a greedy patterdale through the nostril when I was beachcasting for flatties on the Moray firth near Nairn.....it was trying to scoff my bait.....you should have seen the three of us trying to get the hook out of its beak.....it was worse than hooking the tern with a toby.....
  12. get oot and learn, same as we all had to! It's more fun that way.....
  13. Awsome, that boy loved that gear..."i'm surfin, leave me alone!"
  14. Have you still got the sierra 70g?
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