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  1. mickeyandmouse

    My Bitch Shaping Up For Winter

    Fine looking animal
  2. mickeyandmouse

    Here's My First Ply

    Where theres nothing there
  3. mickeyandmouse

    Poaching Punishment?

    Dont know about if caught with quarry but few down my way recently with a catty got arrested for possesing an offensive weapon and slung in the cells all day
  4. mickeyandmouse

    Cork Vs Clare Tomorrow

  5. mickeyandmouse

    Fao Pip1968 & Atomlab

    There some decent lads on here catty looks mint
  6. Fine looking animal good pic
  7. mickeyandmouse

    Just Finished This Set For A Member Of Thl

    Nice work what size are they
  8. should be a good season

  9. Got the book very good information in there great read
  10. mickeyandmouse

    Dealing With An Arrogant Copper

  11. mickeyandmouse

    Puppy Cup

    Speak to salukixgrey theres supposed to be puppy comp around hampshire
  12. mickeyandmouse

    This And That!

    Proper job there
  13. mickeyandmouse

    Pup Out Pip That Rain Bred.....

    Fine looking pup do bit ferreting soon if you fancy it
  14. mickeyandmouse

    Ferreting Berkshire Or Hampshire Wanted

    Cheers mate
  15. Hi I am looking for some ferreting permission in Hants Or berks. I have already tried cards and knocking Door to door sick of trying for 4 years no luck. Insurance ran out but will renew all land respected And land owners rules. Thanks for looking I Live in the Bramley area.