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  1. Short of a pro stepping up to help, I've a few county court cases under my belt and I haven't lost yet. I'm more than happy to set you in the right direction and draft the paperwork for you mate. It only takes ten mins. Posting from my phone atm, drop me a PM and I'll get back to you.
  2. Mine was a K reg Ford Sierra 1.6 (the good ole pinto engine), bought for £350 and later set on fire by some local kids. I had mainly 405s with the odd Astra and Cavalier after that; pretty much anything that'd run on straight veggie oil lol Running on a 58 plate Berlingo now so can't shove the gold stuff in any more.
  3. That's as maybe, but "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" won't fix things either. I was only pointing out that shipping the defendants abroad to face certain torture isn't the British way, and rightly so. That said a bloody long spell in Gitmo won't do any harm and stops them participating in any further terrorist cell activity. JMHO.
  4. I might not be popular, but I actually agree in principle. If such people have been shown to present a danger to the national security of this great nation of ours, by all means throw away the key. But shipping them off abroad to face torture and/or rejoin the Jihad effort isn't the type of behaviour that made this country great. In light of that, let's do what the nice Asian chappy from Liberty says... and send 'em all to Guantanamo for indefinite detention instead.
  5. Rainmaker


    Likewise Matt! It has to be said that one of two of the pro hunters haven't helped with their silly comments though. Let's not give the antis ammo - as Matt says keep it sensible, rational and transparent. If you've nothing useful to say, don't say anything at all. Bad information is worse than no information in a debate like this, imho. Ad homien remarks (simply insulting the other side), childish posts and contributions of that ilk simply help the antis to say "See? Told you these pro hunting lot were a bunch of idiotic, childish lunatics!"... Keep on keeping on! Have at 'em!
  6. Rainmaker


    Yet another fence-sitter-cum-anti has turned to our side thanks to the cut and thrust of sensible debate. A self-congratulatory pat on the back for myself, Matt and all who participated usefully is in order, if I do say so myself.
  7. Rainmaker


    Great work Matt, I'm still active on the thread but have bowed to your superior knowledge of the mounted packs of late. Great that we managed to convert one, mostly due to your decisive posts. Who knows how many guests/non-participants have also gone away from the thread with fresh thinking on the matter? An evening well spent I reckon!
  8. Rainmaker


    Dunno mate, they seemed to be swaying around last night when I was chatting with them and you've hammered home some very good points this afternoon. Bobby is now very much in the corner as you've kept your argument black and white, presented questions that haven't been answered, and you've asked them to provide evidence to back up their assertions. Their withdrawal from the debate is pretty signifying imho. Crack on.
  9. Rainmaker


    I've stuck my tuppence in, but strangely the only reply so far is a guy who says he's pro "hunting" but anti "fox hunting and other abuses". Whatever the fcuk that means.
  10. Nobody wants to see Labour back in, but in a way it might not be such a bad idea in the long run. With the state of the economy and the services, something is going to have to give sooner rather than later. If the Tories get in now, they're going to need to make some broad cuts across the board to keep the country afloat, and will naturally be blamed for it. Labour will then whine about how the Conservatives have ruined the country, 'we told you so' etc. On the other hand, if the "I'd vote Labour no matter what" brigade manage to get them back in this time, when it all does go tits up there's nobody else to blame. Cue a landslide Conservative victory next time around, with a large majority, and there'll be no place to put the blame except Labour's very own doorstep. That said, isn't that what's been happening for the last decade? Labour screw us over while blaming everyone and everything else, while the die-hards who don't seem to realise New Labour is nothing like the good ole days (in fact Labour has undergone a radical and demonstrable shift in policy over recent years) continue to vote them back in. Sod it, string 'em all up LOL
  11. i agree vote for any of the smaller parties and it plays into labours hands,i couldnt bare them in for another 4 years Rubbish tbh. As Swampy said it depends on the seat. My town is a long-time Labour stronghold, they've never failed to win the seat since well before I was born. They were forced to share with the Lib Dems last time round though, and were given a bit of a bloody nose. Voting Lib Dem for us would be tactical, as it pushes Labour out of the seat and while the Lib Dems will not win the election (and I'm hoping the Tories do at any rate), voting Lib Dem is the only real way to push Labour off here. The Tories will come nowhere near in this town; never have.
  12. Somebody hasn't been reading the raw feeding threads... Dog shite's supposed to be WHITE. Shame on ye... As for the scum, they need a needle - and I don't mean for their state-sponsored smack intake.
  13. Jesus, what a way to go. That poor little bitch. :sick: The irony is, she probably had more sense of pride, loyalty and manners than the whole bunch of scum who did it put together. T***s.
  14. Be careful mate, the malware is 99.99% still likely housed in your system restore database and can jump back to bite you in the arse. Download SuperAntiSpyware and MawlareBytes (both free). Disable system restore (procedure varies depending on the OS, check Google), which will delete any pre-existing restore points, and then run the two tools one after the other in normal mode (not safe mode). See what you find.
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