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    Gun Safe Keys

    Gents thanks very much for the advice. Everything has been resolved as nicely as it could be. If anybody is ever in the same situation here is what happened (I obviously can't say that it would apply in every circumstance ) My mate's ticket was issued by Manchester police whilst mine is from Lancashire (Preston), I called my FEO and explained the situation and he called his opposite number in Manchester, obviously the shotguns weren't an issue but the rifles and black powder pistols were. The FEO from Manchester met me at my mates house and checked that everything was on ticket, once that was established it was agreed that I could have a temporary licence (for 3 months) to hold the firearms until they are sold. Ammunition and powder that I don't have a ticket for was taken away by the FEO which I think is more than fair. As for the key issue I explained that we had found them, FEO gave me a look as though he didn't believe me but had the grace not to pursue it. Not a nice situation to be in but GMP and my own FEO were very sympathetic. Thanks again, Mick.
  2. Hi all, Sorry that this is a little morbid but please bare with me. A good friend of mine passed away suddenly yesterday, he was a great guy who loved life, his bikes, cars and of course shooting. I have been asked by his partner to deal with his firearms, shotguns & ammunition. I hold both FAC and SGC but obviously don't have free slots for all the FAC stuff, I think that all that can be sorted on a temporary basis given the circumstances but how do I approach the police with the info that his Mrs knows where his safe keys are? Everything is on ticket etc but the last thing she needs is hassle from plod about safe keys... Advice needed ASAP please. Thanks.
  3. Mastiff

    4 x 4 ownership

    As I own two I'd say land rover every time but you are right, what you would get for £2k would need a lot of TLC Out of your list I would go for a Pajero, I had a SWB turbo diesel, slow but capable truck but mine never went wrong. (apart from when I rolled it but I can't blame the truck for that!) HTH's, Mick.
  4. Mastiff


    Derboy you are a star
  5. Mastiff


    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Can anybody tell me where I can buy the type of lamp that goes through the roof of a 4x4 (in my case Defender 110) that you can aim and operate from the inside? Cheers, Mick.
  6. Mastiff

    miroku 3800 12g multi choke

    Where abouts are you Matt?
  7. Good stuff. Thanks to all for clariyfying that.
  8. Mastiff

    cabinet Keys

    No he wouldn't, he doesn't know what the keys are for or where you live (unless you tell him) and he isn't going to keep a duplicate of every key he cuts.
  9. Mastiff

    what motors are you all going lamping in

    Defender 110 Commercial with "Forestry Commission" stickers on it
  10. Very interested in this. My Mrs has started clay shooting with me (her SGC application is pending) and at the moment I make sure she gives me any spare cartridges she has at the end of each shoot but on weekends when I'm on call she has had to give cartridges away as we think she can't be in possession of them on her own. Mick.
  11. Mastiff

    miroku 3800 12g multi choke

    Where are you based matt?
  12. Mastiff

    breda semi £100.00

    PM sent
  13. Mastiff

    electronic ear defenders

    Another vote for the Debden kit. Bit spendy but IMHO well worth it.
  14. Mastiff

    SGC Interview

  15. Mastiff

    help , quick question

    Hey Mick, hope you had a good Xmas! A kinetic hammer, looks a bit like a normal hammer with a screw off end which opens so you can place a charged round in to it. You then screw the end back on and hit the hammer on to a hard surface, this dislodges the bullet which will come out of the case. Sounds scary and it is!! Best by far is a bullet puller which fits in to your press like a die. There is a collet which grips the bullet and as you lower the press arm, the bullet is separated from the case. Hammer Collet I've used both and snapped the hammer after the first few tries. I've been using the collet bullet puller for a number of years and it's great!! John Hi John, Thanks for the reply, you are right, sounds too scary for me to use! Bit late but happy new year! (And to all) Cheers, Mick.