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  1. someone must want a cheap decent lamp rig lads an lasses. make me an offer!!!!
  2. DEBEN TRACER 12v 14amp deben belt rig batt pack + charger for sale £95 pound got the lamp as christmas prezzy so just about new. Pm for details (derby area) Collection only. ONO
  3. you can help me out by showing me out, god it stinks in here. :hmm:
  4. Whipp grey bull has he done much!!!! he"s 8 month old what do you think :hmm:
  5. Lol, used it less than 5 times then went back to the old rope through lead. :hmm:
  6. Hi guys just got in from lamping when i was out a big rabbit!! got up about 70 or so yards away the dog was off the slip but just stood there ears pricked up watching it didnt even attempt to run it. I no it was a fair distance away but thought it would be off like sh*t off a stick. An hour or so later another big bunny squatter this time got within 10 yards it bolted dog followed and gave it a good run missed it but seemed to put her all in to it. Has anyone experienced this before is this the first signs of it jacking on me?? Anyone have any ideas. Cheers
  7. comedians are great is johnny your mate a comedian, sorry not mate that was before now you"ve only just met the guy. Come on Del boy get a grip
  8. his missus sounds harder then he is :boogy:
  9. yer great shape mate well ripped i"m trying to get my saluki cross on top form at the mo doing a lot of road bike work wi him 5+ miles a day and lamping when ever i can. How ya get yours in that shape buddy.
  10. where from mate. Could ya send me a link buddy
  11. 2 years old mate nails rabbits ect for fun i can find out if still for sale an pass the number on
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