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  1. Recently just got this little bitch back
  2. Overall good things then by the sound of it
  3. I know a lot of boys have them and rate them highly how many of you do and how do you find them , considering putting a beagle or beagle basset over my cocker cheers
  4. Hi I kept two dog pups back from my litter could not choose between them know I have they're starting to out grow each other , and would like to place the other , both parents have been tested still grafting week in week out , looking for £200 he is jabbed and in top health they've been reared on the best of food both pups should make 25 /26 theyre 17 weeks now and 21tts already good home is more essential than the money idiots need ant bother plenty of pics etc of litter pups parents pm me and I'll sort a number out cheers
  5. I'm also after a busher of that mix if any body knows of anything ? Cheers in advance
  6. 4/5 brindle pups left 7 weeks today well bred animals mother and father done a hell of a lot , very game dogs but with ability to run , £150 in Kent very even litter pm for number of interested pics of the parents and plenty pics and videos of the pups cheers
  7. The site is 3/4 grey 1/4 bull , fox digger , I have waited ages to find the right dog for her I wanted game ness and a bit more power but not a donkey Both dogs can seriously run and have a top catch rate
  8. I'm not too good with putting pics on here mate to be honest more than happy to message pics or what's app tho
  9. Hi , I'm going to have a few pups spare out of my bitch , she had 9 seven or so were accounted for and a few of the lads have dropped out so there's an opportunity to bag a well bred well reared pup out of very well tested parents , so the mother is a saluki bull grey with a dash of whippet a few generations back and the father is a genuine 3/4 bull grey , both dogs very fast and game animals , sire pushing 6 dam 4 both seen a lot of work , they are both good all rounders , I've gifted all the pups to the lads I know but I'm asking £150 which isn't a lot for a pup just rids the messes wanting
  10. Ok mate no bother , I'm pretty sure they are to be honest and they're barely a year ... Madness
  11. How did you say that's bred ?? I'm pretty sure that's a half X to a came corso and not much older than a year
  12. Lads I have a well bred saluki bull grey out of this gear that I just haven't got time for anybody seriously interested pm me cheers lads
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