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  1. theobob47

    Baikal Side By Side 16 Gauge Hammer Gun

    I had one of those as my first shotty when I was 17 off my old man ,I got rid of it because it was to long in the stock and the hammers were hard as hell to pull back but I wish I'd never got rid of it ,if you were closer I would have the gun ,rob
  2. theobob47

    Nv Monocular Bargain Price

    Hi there bud I will take this let me know payment details, rob
  3. theobob47


    Hi there does anybody know cheapest place for mk3 collars any info much appreciated ,rob
  4. theobob47

    Mk1 Box + 3 Collars

    Just paid 100 for a mk3 and 1 collar but need another collar if anyone knows of one going,rob
  5. theobob47

    For Sale Mk1 Locator And Collar

    OK bud how does he want paying
  6. theobob47

    For Sale Mk1 Locator And Collar

    Ok bud if he can post I will take this ,rob
  7. theobob47

    When To Seperate (Vasectomised)

    I think I paid around £110 for the vasectomy, with the option of paying another £70 I think to send the chopped out parts off to make sure it was the right parts FFS, as my hob had small tubes apparently, which I find strange, as he was a over a year old, a fair old size and had monstrous nuts. I declined.. If you just got the lad done, it would mean only one animal to care for post op, he would still fulfill his duties in and out of his cage and if your jills were any good you could still breed off them. cheers for the reply think I'll make some inquires about the snip ,atb rob
  8. theobob47

    When To Seperate (Vasectomised)

    OK fellas been thinking about getting my hob snipped what sort of cost would I be looking at,its either that or have my Jill's neutered ,rob
  9. theobob47

    Kopis Knife , The Forerunner For The Kukri

    Beautiful knife mate
  10. theobob47

    Barbour Northumbria Wax Jacket.

    Ok bud how old is it very interested ,rob
  11. theobob47


    My Jill's had five little UN's how long before I let them with my other ferts ,rob
  12. theobob47

    Advice Please

    Hi there do ferrets have there young all at once or can they be staggered like over a day or more reason I ask is tonight whilst cleaning my ferts i picked up the Jill that's pregers and took her with the others to the kitchen and she felt quite heavy like last night but when I cleaned her cage the nest side opened and there was a kit there looking for its mum ,I put her back right away but didnt chance looking to see if there was more,what do you recon ,rob
  13. theobob47

    Vasectamised Hob Needed

    OK cheers for the advice,atb rob
  14. theobob47

    Vasectamised Hob Needed

    OK fellas is there anyone near to me that's got a snipped hob I can put my Jill too ,I live in Cornwall five miles from tavistock ,would be much appreciated atb rob
  15. theobob47

    How Long Does A Ferret Stay In Season

    Be interesting to see what happens but I hope she's not atb rob