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  1. He's only young he'll get over it. But from my experience they like a close bond. Mine would follow me like a shadow. Never had to train to walk to heal he did it naturally.I learned very quickly not to take a step back after washing dishes or prepping food as he'd be stud right behind me. Oh and don't leave anything on the surface your whippet could reach because it will probably take it.
  2. Something I remember reading when I was doing whippet research was they can be car blind and to watch them around roads. It's how I lost my whippet at 4. Got hit my an ambulance of all things.
  3. Good luck with the whippet mate. My 1st dog was a whippet got me into hunting this site nearly putt me off with all the posturing but the whippet kept me hunting and it didn't take me long to see that this site was worth its weight in gold for experienced information. Stuff like yapping crunching shivering because of the cold being wimpy. These are thing you will hear alot and that is because they are a possibility but not a certainty. Yapping comes from fustration so don't push too early on chasing rabbits take your time. Mine started crunching only after one incident when my cousins staff gr
  4. Good luck. Great result.....well not for your mate but at least you got a pup out the litter.
  5. Nice pup, looked good in that video you put up on YouTube.
  6. Really nice dog you got there "the trunk". Alot of the local boys seem to be running this cross. Might look at getting one in the future when my bitch kicks the bucket. Plenty of years left in her yet mind.
  7. He's very happy with him takes everything on the lamp.
  8. He's just over 25tts. He'd been racing at an event on Sunday in Newport (shrop) and won 4 out 5 races.
  9. Caught up with one of the dog pups I bred a couple of years back. Was the pup I was keeping back before the wife decided to get pregnant with twins (selfish).
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