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  1. Very nice piece on him,Dunkannon. Always sad to hear one go. Take care...........
  2. A well bred litter from good stafford parents. Fair price to match !! I had the pleasure to have the sire on the yard for several yr & he was a pleasure. I would advise anyone to get something out of him before it is too late.
  3. I pretty much rang all over for information & my friend at the other end also. Defra etc etc & i came to the conclusion that i was not getting anywhere unless i went through a pet travel agent. Total cost coming to over 1000uk. I also know that pet travel agents do a lot of business,so i am curious as to how things can be done cheaply/diy. I seen the bill & costs for everything & in truth the kennel & agent fees were the only things i could have saved on & that would have only been several hundred,so we decided to go that route to save any hiccups. Appreciate it if someone could give a step by step on exporting a pup/adult by air,for these low costs.
  4. I see your point CG,but in all honesty them collars look overpriced for the finished article & did i read right in that delivery is 6-8week ? They must be either very busy or bone idle if i read correctly. If it is leather you are set on then give H&W a call & sort out what you want. Compare the quality & price. Good luck
  5. A lot of changes took place in Jan of this year & i also got conflicting "facts" from DEFRA & the country where the pup was going. I would double check on everything well before any date of travel.
  6. I recently sent a pup overseas & i am fairly certain that it worked out at around £150 for everything,which included puppy jabs,rabies,microchip,pet passport,worming & fitness to fly certificate etc etc. Seems on the top side what you have been charged,if i am remembering right !!
  7. Forget about getting them returned sharpish. Pointless winding yourself up in the hope they will be returning soon. You will have been entitled to a solicitor if you were arrested & interviewed. However there is little they can do until you are charged,of which you will probably not know until 6month after the arrest. If as you say,you only have the one problem regarding the terrier,then i would assume that at least one charge will be coming. Get your story together & be ready for anything which they may find on your laptop,mobile phone etc. In truth,having that terrier marked up with fresh wounds is a risk you decided to take...... Good luck
  8. bisketti

    stranglers .?

    Seen them several times over the yrs. Have a dvd with two or three songs on. One is a long version of Nice N Sleazy where they have half a dozen or so strippers on stage. Classic & great to see the hairy herbie's bonnets from the 70's !!
  9. Have to disagree SS. A basic 1 1/2" leather collar which would last a bulldog or stafford his lifetime & more will cost less than a tenner to make & less so if buying materials in bulk. Thats using quality materials & a similar design to yours or doubled up. never mate, not for top end leathers and brass I'm not here to argue,just stating a fact. As i said,a basic 1 1/2" leather collar for a bulldog on a chain with no worries at all on safety. D-Ring,full roller buckle,3.5-3.8mm leather & rivets. Fair enough if it has all the trimmings & is hand stitched,then you want paying for your time which in all honesty should be more than what the collar cost to make due to the time involved.
  10. Have to disagree SS. A basic 1 1/2" leather collar which would last a bulldog or stafford his lifetime & more will cost less than a tenner to make & less so if buying materials in bulk. Thats using quality materials & a similar design to yours or doubled up.
  11. I seen them 1st ones he brought in. Did he do a mag ? I'm not sure. I will check as i think i have a mag somewhere which has some info regarding his dogs & may be an artucle in by Don Matthews. If its still there i'll post it down to you free. Pretty sure it is someones 1st issue which they started up.
  12. Telescopic fishing rod could be classed as training equipment if in the hands of a bull breed owner. No doubt they may class it as the same with any dog with bull in them.
  13. They do & take as much as they please. As long as the police are with them. Whether they have the right or not,they simply work in unison together & that includes your local council too. Only way to beat them at their own game is to record every discussion you have with any of them authorities involved. Be that in a covert way obviously. Its easy to say you have rights,but in all honesty you dont unless you get them by the balls. Deny entry to anyone not named on warrant or act the goat during search & then (if you are bang to rights) you will find your family in the next cell to yourself. Council tenants can expect eviction on conviction. Whether your dog is marked up or not,they will take it & if you do get it/them back it will be at least 4 month down the road. Above all else,stay the right side of the law & keep your dogs in the right conditions which they so deserve & you may not get that visit. Unfortunately,that ain't 100% true also.
  14. Leather is fairly easy to hand stitch. The time is in the preperation beforehand.
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