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  1. bingo27

    Bushing Puppys

    great read all this dan, sitting in mcdonalds using their tablet lol had a right giggle reading every page,we catch up soon we get out bushing an you can forget about the abuse and bullying hahahahahahaha
  2. bingo27

    Dog Meds/vaccines

    Sorry didn't read it properly lol
  3. bingo27

    Dog Meds/vaccines

    Could you pm details to please dunkanon
  4. bingo27

    Dog Meds/vaccines

  5. As above,my mate is looking for a terrier bitch purely just for rats so if anyone could help,even something that has jacked on earth work, he is on hear just not very often, south east area, his name is blitz86, or let me know an Il pass it on ,atb bingo27
  6. bingo27

    New Additions

    Smart pups taz , look real nice, do like a chocolate patterdale,hope they do you right in the future
  7. bingo27

    Dog Vaccinations

    I could do with two my self
  8. bingo27

    Wheaton Terrier

    Post some pics up mate,always liked the look of working wheaten terriers
  9. bingo27

    Beddy X Lakeland 7Month Old

    Very nice mate,been thinking for a while now bout getting a beddy x Lakeland, atb with him ,more pics would be great,
  10. bingo27

    Patt X Jack Russel

    I know this little bitch and seen her work, she really is comin on well ,will make a great new member to a bushing pack, atb finding her a new home dan
  11. bingo27

    Lurcher Bitch

    Nice bitch ,shouldn't take long for her to find a new home hotdog,
  12. bingo27

    Lakey Dog

    Nice red dog there mate, hope you find a good working home for him!
  13. bingo27

    Another Dog Took Kent

    Feel for him i have had it done my self,dirty scummy thieves,cnt bring there own dogs up any sense,so they take someone else,hope u get it back an the wan###s that took it
  14. bingo27

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Must be someone that can help me out???
  15. bingo27

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Can some one help with putting some pics up for me if i send by txt or whatsapp?? Iv tryed photo bucket and i just cant do it, so any one could help me will much appreciated ! Atb bingo27