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  1. Mine 8 months old brother and sister
  2. Have a pup at the minute around6 months old half patterdale 1/4 Wheaton 1/4 Russell seems game enough for his age but came smallish wouldn't think he had any Wheaton in him looking to work him next season the picture was taken awhile back and isn't great
  3. cheers for the comments lads. we got tat fox before i was even after locking the van only the friend were only in the field flicked on the lamp and they spotted him . ya have a pair i just bred myself but by [bANNED TEXT] they wont be ready for the following season. really gutted over the bitch
  4. the only picture i cud get up off an old post by mighty celt my bitch was the white one 3/4 greyhound 1/4 wheaton
  5. was out sunday just for a walk and charlie gets up in front of us in a big field bitch courses it puts two turns in picks it under wire splitin de field hits de stake breaking it in half but de real damage was done to herself brought dog to vets was told best thing was to pts so had to be done yesterday. totaly gutted.... try get picks up later
  6. happened me only last week with yellow puss coming out aswell so just keep cleaning it with stirle water and bout in 3 days cleared up no problems with it now
  7. i have dere if ya want de white bitch
  8. i was messin withb smudge because i know the dogs he has and they only young and i love the glue you cant bate de buzz u get off it
  9. well what is the point of calling in a fox when you dont have a dog that is able to run after rabbits dont mind say a fox seems pointless to me
  10. your better off getting a dog first before u start calling in foxs in to look at
  11. alright lurcher just flicking threw the thread when i read other sayin was it the same fella off another thread so i taught that he might of known i know mighty celt well would often go out with him its a real shame this bitch is gone seen her work very good and a sound fella too
  12. sounds a good cross or wat i would like would be a bit of wheaton instead of de bull i think dere tat bit more control in the wheaton than the bull but not much in some cases but with still the same hardiness as the bull
  13. who do you think has the dog give me a txt or something if you want mightycelt
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