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  1. alright lads dave here trixy and tank are shit.
  2. theres alot of people on here like that i can name a few from my area.
  3. delete these posts mods my computer playing up
  4. NOG

    New pup

    fairplay not many dogs out there working at 6 weeks old. have you stripped him best of luck hope you get many years of graft from him
  5. NOG

    New pup

    what is it? looks like theres a little bit of wheaten maybe or some glen?
  6. ha ha lol tipical anti talk. you anti twat ot nothinf to say coz you aint got dogs or hunt for that matter you been rumbled now fuk of you anti scum

  7. well fuk of then if you got nothing to say

  8. 27 sept and not even made a post, keep of my profile you anti pedo prick

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