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  1. Hi Jason what are you looking to pay for a 22lr. Andre
  2. Hi. I have a CZ 455 17HMR with laminated thumbhole stock for sale new type with 16inch varmint barrel and upgraded trigger. it comes with a DM suppressor, Harris bipod and also with mtc Genesis 5-20x50 scope with butler creek lens covers It also comes with a 5 round mag. used 5 times from new. Well looked after and maintained, No scratches or damage to stock or metalwork at all. Total rounds fired 250. Again Excellent condition and hardly used. looking for £575 ovno. Face to face sale . item in coventry Or can send by rfd at your cost my contact number is: 07838923747 Ps
  3. Hi Been looking at your work. They look good. Are you selling any? If so what price. Thanks. Andre
  4. Hi do you still have your pigeon magnet for sale. Thanks. Andre
  5. ha ha lol tipical anti talk. you anti twat ot nothinf to say coz you aint got dogs or hunt for that matter you been rumbled now fuk of you anti scum

  6. people like you are key board warriors all talk.you have a good day

  7. well fuk of then if you got nothing to say

  8. just because i dont make a post dont mean i am anti. jsut not got much to say.

  9. wow done nothing wrong i am not anti anything

  10. 27 sept and not even made a post, keep of my profile you anti pedo prick

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