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  1. Thanks. Yeah I know the seasons pal but I know up here nobody shoots them on Xmas day so i was just checking as it was too late to phone a mate.. Regards
  2. Happy new year folks. I have never shot roe on newyears day and jnow its not allowed on Xmas day but can't find anything on the 1st of Jan. I am in Scotland and currently as sober as a judge and fancy a stalk at first light to get the year going. Any advice on the ethics or legal side of it will be most appreciated. Regards Chris
  3. Cheers guys. Got the srx and yep its a great bit of kit indeed. Chris
  4. Hi Folks. I recently bought a PARD addon which works great at shorter ranges oweing to my Bushnell 6500 having massive turrets so looking for a rather powerful IR torch to pair up with this kit. I read some folk were impressed with the extremely powerful chinese units but cant seem to find the right one as opposed to the likes of the Solaris srx? Any advice is most welcome thanks. Incidently its for foxing. Our ones are a bit shy so good to be able to spot them from a distance first. Cheers. Chris
  5. Thanks for the reply. We get a dead sheep from a local farm but even thats not working now. Yep i think its time to invest in an nv setup. Spoiled for choice and no idea whats the best unit to buy so will start reading up on the subject. C
  6. Hi folks. My perm has recently had a problem witha Vixen, dog and 2 younger fox's which have killed a load of the farmers chickens. I went out and quickly shot the vixen and one of the younger fox's with a squeaker and lamp but now the other 2 have become very wary and i cannot get them to come to my caller and they bolt at the lamp. Any ideas folks? Chris
  7. My fac hw80 is making 19.6 fpe at the moment. Its glided and tuned to the hilt. Shoots superbly accurate if I do my job right and is a joy to use. Nice and flat trajectory, hard hitting, very little recoil. I just love that springer ??
  8. Your chief twat boss. Damn heres me blowing smoke up Davy's fundament :-) :-)...........
  9. Will do pal. Al bet it made little difference to the down range report.
  10. Hi folks. Decided to turn a baffle kit for the 97 as a small project. Its probably overkill as most of the down range noise is made by the moving internals but its something to have a fiddle on the lathe with. Gonna make it out of a bit of brass bar when I mooch a bit from somewhere. Td
  11. Hopefully individually tailored as the wife has me in the right fu#£ing twat category. Which im rather proud of!!! :-)
  12. Haha. Im already in the twat club bud according to the missis but include me to make sure :-) :-) Doing fine thanks pal. Fell away from the springers a bit but back on them. Need to practise alot as I am gonnna be a civi instructor for my lads ATC. Cant hit a cow in the arse with a banjo the now with lack of practise :-) :-) Hows life??
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