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  1. Won’t be going if ground is bad mate
  2. She’s does look very mature for age n muscled up we’ll just naturally gonna give her a spin on lamp tonight see what she’s like as
  3. Nero x cindy scout x cindy 7 months old
  4. Thanks yeah really like this pup very well put together pup
  5. My pup which is Nero x cindy Bk to scout x cindy has anyone else got a pup out this litter
  6. How much and where you located
  7. Lewis123 good pal of mine and nos what hes doing with his dog
  8. Thanks for comments, fen fever wouldn't sell him pal but thanks for offer
  9. Thanks lads . Hes showing promising signs but time will tell
  10. is tht out of wottos litter by any chance
  11. ive seen meek and torre at work imo id use torres is abit more but worth it
  12. yea wasnt bad land, yea i will do when i speak to him
  13. yes goldfinch we sort a day out... good time last time wasnt it, not long now lol
  14. They are buddy ( foxy x charlie ) x lilly ( daisey x benji ) daisey is outa whitman to a tina turner bitch
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