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  1. deffo will need your spade, and a drop of whiskey whilst gutting if there is young inside em :L
  2. hiya would love to have a pic of my ferrets on there but i cannot seem to upload it onto the thread ????? can you help me and let me know what i am doing wrong
  3. how much for the spades .....pm me
  4. i used to chop them...i am only 13, but when you get a stubborn rabbit it hurts :L stretch em untill you hear the neck crunch
  5. and i was going to breed from my two poleys but when this other one came along...i just wanna get em jabbed so i can still breed if i want atb and thankyou
  6. i can afford to keep them it is just i cannot afford to have all of them spayed right now
  7. yeah found a vet near me..20 quid each
  8. err catch wrestler i am not being niave i am just trying to find out the possible options....... so i shouldn't have ferrets.....i have found out about jill jabs and have booked mine in to get them. no one can just give advice can they i am 13 and have only had ferrets since july would be nice if people could give me pointers becase guys on here are worth a million books . it comes straight from their mouths.
  9. can anyone tell me how much a jill jab roughly is?
  10. does anyone have / know of a vacetimised hob around windsor way />??????
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