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  1. nellie123


    Is there any problem to using a spaniel/ gundog for ferreting and marking, as well as beating? Thanks
  2. nellie123


    i understand what you mean,and if im honest i agree,the reason I've never bred has been that i wouldn't want to be stuck with pups,or worse still be worrying about where they had been homed. She is a good dog,and i do have a stud that i like of similar stamp. She normally comes in season at the end of February, so I've time to make my mind up thanks
  3. nellie123


    Thanks she fine on the fitness front,but never had a litter before,she's only a small bitch,just under 21 inch
  4. nellie123


    Just sfter some advice,ive recently lost a lurcher at under 4 years old, im left with my little rabbiting lurcher amd im wondering have i left it too late to have her first litter at 7 1/2? thanks
  5. nellie123

    Who Will Be Buying

    Mrs nellie treat me to 510 superlite yesterday, out of the blue. And im still deciding on a new springer
  6. nellie123

    New Springer?

    Thanks for the replies vizlauk/pianoman,why left handed stock and right handed action?
  7. nellie123


    A bit late,but has this sold?
  8. nellie123

    New Springer?

    Thank for replies,just looked and I'll have to get the walnut version for a left hand stock
  9. Just got my tax return,and the enjoyment officer has given the nod for a new gun. would appreciate any ideas/ reviews, Spring left handed/ambidextrous Good straight out of the box ( not need tuning straight away) Used for rabbits and pigeons, and occasional target shooting on a Sunday no faff also any decent scope recommendations ? thanks
  10. nellie123

    Only The Good Die Young

    Gutted for you pal
  11. nellie123

    Terrier X Cocker

    Ok,ill keep you posted on how things go
  12. nellie123

    Terrier X Cocker

    West yorkshire all being well,the bitch has just come in season,
  13. nellie123

    Terrier X Cocker

    One of the lads i work with is breeding some cocker spaniel x lakeland/patterdale terrier they're both workers,and hes offered me a pup,will these be ok for beating? cheers
  14. nellie123

    Fav Pic..

    Great pics,what cameras are you using? thanks
  15. nellie123

    Hw 90 Power

    Thanks for the replies,ive tried to let some air out gradually,buthe valve is quite sensitive and the power has dropped to 8 ft/ld,so its now at redbeck shooting suppliers getting re gassed