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  1. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    Brookie told everybody to put their money on his cousin, even had idiots coming to his house to run him over with their wheel chair
  2. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    what did brookie do ha ha ha
  3. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    Tuffty your nothing but a shit house your need putting in a wheel chair and pushed into a Cess pit lol
  4. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    Don't think Brookie will be wanting to shake hands,if it's the same bloke I think it is lol
  5. border

    Tyson V Wlad

  6. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    A Brookie I've heard you called some nasty things but never short arse lol lol come on be nice lol
  7. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    come on boys shake hands
  8. border

    Tyson V Wlad

    Yes agree but vlad has been funny about gloves in every single fight and always try's to wind opponents up before fights by sending different gloves plus he chosen extra padded glovesBut not this time crusty.Its the Mcflurry camp trying to unsettle the champion. And to be honest. You just can't do it. He has nerves of steel. The biggest fight will be after that. When the champion offers to help Mcflurry with hes mental health. :laugh: you ladies getting the jitters now .with your mass hysteria ,come saturday night youll all be crying into your ovaltine ,nothing but a bunch of fannies the lot of you .Get back to your caravan youThought you had disappeared. Well you will when its over thats for sure:) a first class internet warrior you mufty ,a real hero ,24/7 on the net giving it large ,get back in the bathroom with your mothers catalogue you foolish little muffty .
  9. border

    If Only It Was Closer...

    They're all in it together all of them
  10. border

    If Only It Was Closer...

    Bloody terrible,that' Kc want shooting for what they have done to this breed
  11. border

    Edrd Mags

    Good buy that plum
  12. border

    Canarys Wanted

    Hi anybody got some Canarys for sale in South Wales area
  13. border

    Dr Johns

    Pure shit going in and a lot going out
  14. border

    Peips Box Or New Bellman An Flint

    I've got the pieps and the red brick and don't av any problems