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  1. Thanks for the replys lads .been a while since I was last involved with the dog game so to speak .back in the day there where honest dog lads who'd gladly help you with a working dog .how times have changed in both honesty and price wise by the sounds of things .but then again money f**s every sport at the end ..thanks again for replys fellas opened my eyes a bit.
  2. Anyone recommend a reputable breeder preferably up north .soon be looking for a bitch pup so thought I'd ask you lads not wanting any other cross but will be wanting pup from good honest breeder when time comes.
  3. tenbob

    Rapid 7

    Ok mate hope u get sorted
  4. tenbob

    Rapid 7

    Fac or sub 12 ?
  5. Any northern lads recommend a good honest breeder of the working Lakelands something on the lines of the old Middleton strain of terrier ?
  6. Was reading a few posts about the train and flying of Harris hawk and wondered at what age would you fly your bird up to .I have a mate who as a Harris at 17 years but he says the bird not as responsive whilst reducing it's weight. Would the methods of training change on a older bird or would a bird of this age be simply retired.
  7. Would you be interested in selling. Please pm if so
  8. tenbob


    Could someone recommend to me a falconry equipment supplier I'm wanting a set of flying jesses for my male harris or alternatively do any members on the forum make them .
  9. Do you have contact details for the logunator mick.I'm looking for a logun air tube cheers .
  10. Be nice to be able to have a copy all proceeds to a WTC maybe.add me to that list if it comes about.
  11. not so sure mate I ended up working away from home and sadly didn't have time to keep or bring another dog in after mine past away maybe some of the durham/northumberland lads could give you a more definite answer. The club was still going strong at the time and maybe hopefully there is a still a group of lads who still get out on rescues but keep it amongst themselves.
  12. I no longer own or work terriers at the time I did I was a member of the durham and northumberland .all the lads I knew in my area were part of it and would gladly help out on a rescue no matter what the conditions. Like I say I no longer have the working terriers but would gladly put my hand in my pocket and make a annual donation to a local club .
  13. We will remember them ....hero's.
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