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  1. Sorry for your loss I know how you feel been there too, time is a great healer mate.
  2. In nz they use the pig dogs and often catch reds,mind you 3 to 4 dogs and they just hold them up. Till the gun comes
  3. Going for another in the morning to mount on the house. You can take a photo as well, can't believe how good they are for the money.
  4. lidl have a great deal on WiFi cctv £60 plug and play records by sd card, motion detection, night vision, sends a email to you if set off, watch your kennel from your phone or pad anywhere its the bollocks. Far better and cheaper than my old gear. Just to add I brought a WiFi booster so I could reach the kennels. £83 All up. It don't pay to be tight theses days. With all this dog stealing going on.
  5. No mate she is a fraction over a half cross collie greyhound.
  6. Two years ago i brought this pup, when she was just over a year old i ran it over on the shoot with the polaris cracking its sholder requiring it to be pinned, i would of put it down other than my daughter and the other half crying their eyes out begging me not too, after a grand spent on the vets and another grand repairing the polaris ( just what i needed the day after boxing day) and a year resting up i started getting her fit again to see if she could cope! i gave her a couple of trips lamping the first time out i came back wishing i would of shot it, but after i had chilled out a week or
  7. Got kicked in the nuts from a red just before Christmas I shot it and went to bleed it as I put the knife in it kicked me straight in the balls, and it hurt my mate found it funny.
  8. Is that a litter you have now pk Sadly not this was from years ago but I plan this year to breed from my two 1st cross's
  9. The merle is from Alex and the other is my mates out of wilson
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