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  1. pro keeper

    As If Things Couldn't Get Any Worse

    Sorry for your loss I know how you feel been there too, time is a great healer mate.
  2. pro keeper

    Red Deer

    In nz they use the pig dogs and often catch reds,mind you 3 to 4 dogs and they just hold them up. Till the gun comes
  3. pro keeper


    Going for another in the morning to mount on the house. You can take a photo as well, can't believe how good they are for the money.
  4. pro keeper


    720 p
  5. pro keeper


    lidl have a great deal on WiFi cctv £60 plug and play records by sd card, motion detection, night vision, sends a email to you if set off, watch your kennel from your phone or pad anywhere its the bollocks. Far better and cheaper than my old gear. Just to add I brought a WiFi booster so I could reach the kennels. £83 All up. It don't pay to be tight theses days. With all this dog stealing going on.
  6. pro keeper

    A Long Time Coming!

    No mate she is a fraction over a half cross collie greyhound.
  7. pro keeper

    A Long Time Coming!

    Two years ago i brought this pup, when she was just over a year old i ran it over on the shoot with the polaris cracking its sholder requiring it to be pinned, i would of put it down other than my daughter and the other half crying their eyes out begging me not too, after a grand spent on the vets and another grand repairing the polaris ( just what i needed the day after boxing day) and a year resting up i started getting her fit again to see if she could cope! i gave her a couple of trips lamping the first time out i came back wishing i would of shot it, but after i had chilled out a week or two later i tried again this time taking my mate billy holding the pup to watch my old boy do his job, this seem to work, storm could now spot them and would give chase and catch but then let them go! which is ok if you dont like carrying them home lol, i then took her ferreting and she soon learnt ferrets in rabbits out in the net and to grab hold of them, she got a run across the field and picked up one that had slipped the net and returned it to hand i was well pleased, so last night back to lamping with billy, storm just missed her first run but didnt miss anymore with 3 cracking strikes bringing them back after a couple of laps round billy just incase he didnt see her catch! seven runs 6 rabbits 100 % from my old dog and just 1 miss from storm so today i am proud dad and feel it was all worth it.
  8. pro keeper

    Lurcher Found Dead In Field

    Got kicked in the nuts from a red just before Christmas I shot it and went to bleed it as I put the knife in it kicked me straight in the balls, and it hurt my mate found it funny.
  9. pro keeper

    Collie Greyhound Pics.

    Is that a litter you have now pk Sadly not this was from years ago but I plan this year to breed from my two 1st cross's
  10. pro keeper

    Collie Greyhound Pics.

  11. pro keeper

    Collie Greyhound Pics.

  12. pro keeper

    Collie Greyhound Pics.

    3/4 bred
  13. pro keeper

    Collie Greyhound Pics.

    Just over a half cross greyhound side
  14. pro keeper

    Collie X Greyhound For Lamping Rabbits

    The merle is from Alex and the other is my mates out of wilson