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  1. 17tts black brindle male whippet for sale, kc registered, lovely temperament, 13 months old. I'm selling due to change in circumstances, he's not caught a rabbit yet but I'm almost certain that's due to me not being able to get out with him, he's kennelled with my patt and has very rarely barked!! Very reluctant to get rid of him, £250 vduben@hotmail.co.uk, 07805009231
  2. im looking for a deer skull and antlers to hang on my wall, im not bothered about it being mouted as i want to do it all my self, can any one piont me in the direction to get one?
  3. only had around 5 tanks through it, new work place means i dont need it now, looking for 430 for it, also comes with a 14'' bar and chain, mob number 07805009231
  4. vduben


    ive got some plain green deerhunter ones, wire under foot strap, the real tree ones are crap, russel as you walk but my greens are silent
  5. very nice, look to have good heads too!
  6. im a tree surgeon and ive worn these boots in the past years, very high on the leg but some people like that, if i was a size 8 i would snap these up! also got a steel foot plate in the sole too, they lasted me 18 months climbing but its totally different situations
  7. vduben

    fooking rain

    thunder, lightening, golf ball sized hail and a twister not far away in lincolnshire, also got called out to a small village ravaged by a mini cyclone!!!!!! loads and loads of cars are covered in dints, including mine!!
  8. Nice one, we all Know cody is a girl's name, so go back to your barbies
  9. He's obviously got nothing better to do porter!
  10. Cody....... Your a prick, I don't go on this site for this very reason, I'll let the mods know you prick
  11. i know glyn jones had the ntwict books
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