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  1. Barry I’ve seen that other print of the border county hanging on wall before in someone else’s house and along with a index print next to it with everyone’s name and naming every hound even the terrier if my mind recalls correctly. The man across the river is named as well. Quite a interesting thing because there’s a few in the picture I know. Would I be right in saying your good self appears on it Mr.Wade.??
  2. Probably run a mile the way it’s bred.. joking he’s grown into that mass of skin now.
  3. That's because the only thing our politicians were shown were videos of badgers being baited and killed by half a dozen dogs, suffering painful deaths. These video nasties made by these people which appeared all over our televisions were the final nail in the coffin for the decent law abiding terrierman. Any one walking our countryside with spade an terrier is classed as one of one of the above.
  4. he already has put bull into them but he doesn't know yet. I'll let sum smart off here tell him when he puts a pic up in 2 years.... Nice bull cross mate... I witnessed a 5 yr old lad ask if it was a bulldog so if thats anything to go by god help no way i'am not having that.... He was at least 6 and his dad told him to say that...
  5. he already has put bull into them but he doesn't know yet. I'll let sum smart off here tell him when he puts a pic up in 2 years.... Nice bull cross mate...
  6. i know what your saying Liam an can't speak for everyone in that video, but there's one lady in that video who is a serious digging woman. She's visited England many times for 20 odd years an has dug many. She also took some good blooded dogs back to the states. She's the lady with the black terrier.
  7. These two are miles apart the hill fox is still a wild animal still seeing humans as a life threat, but the fox in the shires as become a domestic pet seeing humans as a form of food. This animal is for ever seeing people walking on an off footpaths. Over the last 20 years with better walking clothing/boots an a fashion of walking in the countryside, people walking everywhere you look, the fox has got to accept us humans as no threat.. I recently took one from a cage trap an realised it sum miles away, when let loose it walked 5 yards from me an had a piss... Do the same with a hill fox an see how far he runs before having one.
  8. Agree, in fact I'd go as far as to say rubbish can look good on a hunting day, theres a lot goes on at other times though and thats when the terriers prove their worth i do agree with you as regards to rubbish can look good on hunting days, but I think you have to take a few things into account. The first is what was asked of you i.e. To account of the fox or was it going to be hunted. Seen it so many times when a hunt is required an too much of a dog is entered resulting in damage and fox being shot. Then there's were in the country you are remember when fox hunting was legal a lot of packs stopped an if one got to ground it would be in nothing more than a kicked out rabbit earth so not much of a dog was required... Take the same dog to the Welsh mountains, Cumbria, a lot wilder of a country where you get a lot wilder of a fox was that same dog capable of doing the same job??? It's knowing your dogs,, every good hunt terrierman kennelled dogs that you could call rubbish but at the same time the same dog was worth its weight in gold.. But would you ever bred from it??? Never.
  9. totally agree the wastage should at least make fox dogs, which leaves me thinking where are these digging bitches?or did the ns enthusiasts only got hold of his wastage which they keep folding back in hence the amount of poor bitches Iv seen..some of the best I've seen have been bitches an from nicks line, if you can call it his? But that another thing, again with his bitches that were used on hunt days, don't go thinking they were one trick ponies because they weren't, they worked the first the same as the fifth or sixth. they worked every animal with the same style, the style that suited him.
  10. Haven't had anything to do with ns in 10-12 years, for all of you that think he bred for hunt work think again. He bred for proper digging dogs, dogs that worked their animal correctly, an by doing that his hunt terriers would come in the same litters.. He didn't bred hard dogs because they didn't suit.. Even his fox dogs/bitches he didn't like getting to close. Remember he was a hunt terrierman who was employed to provide sport an bolted foxes had to run which they struggle to do after meeting a harder type. As a child a old man told me. Always bred for ------ dogs an your fox dogs will be there to.
  11. 18. Two different terms but the result was the same, the earths were stopped. Just one was done a lot earlier than the other.
  12. Never heard of this one but will have too add it to my collection."valley of the squirting widows"
  13. advice. Get to docs that's all
  14. Fd. There's a girl I know well who hunts a reg pack of bassets an she was nursing a sick pup with lepto which did die in the end. Anyhow the vet told her the same about being cheaked out an she had caught it from the pup. This was about six months ago and she's not still [BANNED TEXT]. Hit her really bad
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