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  1. good luck and please keep us posted on how things go. ALSONE . I didn,t mean to be disrespectful towards you . I just used the 10k as it was their in front of me . derboy
  2. before any action is taken your solicitor will brief you on all aspects of the costs . then the decision is all yours. and not all cases are heading to a court case , £10 k is a big case to take to court . and some organization don't cover you for that . good luck, have the chat with your brief then go from their . I have been their and got the T shirt , AND COST LESS THAN A GRAND . derboy
  3. try this guy out , b.a.s.c put me on to him some ten years or more ago , he knows his stuff. Simon Parrington HILL DICKINSON LLP PEARL ASSURANCE HOUSE 2 DERBY SQUARE LIVERPOOL L2 9XL GOOD LUCK
  4. its a small world out their . yea that guide was shit he,s waiting for the new pulsar to come in to see what that's like. I hope theirs nothing bad said about me . may be catch up soon on the shoot
  5. £20 for cash then . yea them thermal,s are great . my mate got one. that and the archer .longbow on the 220 swift is the dogs bollocks' for me .. what thermal u got mate . im only a stone throw away from u
  6. big bucks mate . if any body knows of any where I can get it cheaper ,please be free to say. good shooting to all :thumbs: derboy
  7. :laugh: no mate, its about a grand for the 6x, and I paid about £300 ish for the 3x. that was from starlight. :thumbs:
  8. yes much better and with no messing about with keys , if I had the extra cash id go for the 6x mag ££££ . :thumbs:
  9. very good mate , I put a bigger lens on the archer (3x) for better viewing and change the ir to n1000 on both units . a great combination if you on you own . if you where nearer id be happy to show you ,
  10. i think its Saturday 26 November . but im sure some one will explain more near the date i said.
  11. lol, how much did they cost you all them year,s ago . and you want top money for them best of luck derboy
  12. i will bring a pvs14 for you to look thru its behind a ags4x12x44 cracking piture thank,s pete . look,s like i could be spending again . deboy
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