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  1. yes Derboy i priced the 4x mag its 800 smackers there seems a big jump from 3x mag to 4x mag and a grand for the 6x
  2. aye know what u mean priced the 4x mag today its not cheap is it mate
  3. i am using both units as well but have not changed enything on them but may go down the same road with the bigger lens for the archer i am also still using firefly ir do you get a clearer view with the n1000 thanks for your comments derboy
  4. how do you find this combination of the two of them
  5. is there enyone using the iongbow nite vision from starlight + the archer for spotting
  6. hello all im from ayrshire and do fox shooting with nite vision
  7. hi every one just joined i am from ayrshire do a lot of fox shooting with nite vision
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