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  1. Thanks Ian they’ve sent it back so I will try it tonight and see how I get on
  2. Does any one else have to wipe all other internet providers of there phone to get there WiFi to work at home mine crashes all the time and says no internet connection in orange so I took it to the shooting show in Harrogate where Scott country had a look said it was fixed so I took it home and it isn’t fixed keeps crashing. So sent it back again now there saying that I have to disconnect all other WiFi can anyone shed light on this for me
  3. I was going to buy one of Ian wish I had now this was a impulse buy at the shooting show 2018 I don’t regret it as I don’t think I could live without one now just wondered how long turn around was as I’m sending it away this week end
  4. Only bought this from the shooting show 2 months ago
  5. How long did yours take to come back pal as mine is saying no internet connection on WiFi and my battery says full then ten mins later it says empty and shuts down also Royal Mail will only cover upto 2500 and mines been sat at home for nearly 2 weeks got to wait till I get paid to send it off also who did you send yours with and how much cheers max
  6. Ok Ian thanks for the reply
  7. Cheers pav is there a colour palate on the xp50 do you no or any thermal sight with a colour change thanks in advance max
  8. Can anyone tell me if you can change the palate colour on the trail xq50 I can find black hot and hot white but no other looked on YouTube and the xq50f can but mine doesn’t have the painters eaisel sign
  9. Shaddy If it’s leicester fire arms depo forget it I’ve not had a conviction In over ten years and they still won’t let me have mine but there’s no harm In trying worst case scenario they give you your money back pal
  10. Ok alsone thanks again for the info it will probably be next year now before I hear anything or go to court but hopefully it can be resolved and not get that far I will post a update or send a pm to those who have helped me to let them no the outcome all the best max
  11. Cheers for the reply alsone but the financial side isn’t the problem I have funding and help there I just feel I’m being persecuted for someone else’s actions which I can’t discuss on a open forum I want solicitors ready and waiting as to not prolong the length of time with out one as my job depends on it so to speak
  12. Cheers Derboy for the information . I have 4 good solicitors numbers now with the one you gave me so I will ask for a break down of How much it will cost from each
  13. Thanks for the reply’s guys really appreciate it
  14. Thanks men for these reply’s really appreciate it cheers max
  15. May be some one can help me a while back the police took a lads dogs and some one mentioned Clive Reece to get them back for him but then some one else mentioned a woman who was a lot better than Clive Reece can any body tell me her name or number please any info would be appreciated
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