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  1. Hibiscrub, is anti bacterial and anti fungal, great stuff and i also use it for cuts ect on horses and my dogs. I hear the NHS has started using it, so it must be doing some good. First thing i would do is see another vet for a second opinion.
  2. we have all been there buddy, nothing to worry about.... just have the kettle on and biscuits... Oh yea, and look out for the "were do u keep ur keys" trick question...... Just say I cant tell you !!!
  3. Seen a gunsmith try to remove a stuck choke, he put the barrel in a ultra sonic bath for 1/2 hr and then it came out !!!
  4. Hi Guys, This is Jess, my new pup and will be my gun dog !!
  5. You got the possible "mentor" angle covered ? as that seems to be the norm.... not legally required BUT imposed by most authorities
  6. At last the weather is getting better and we can all get out and shoot !

    1. tilfertilfer


      country file says differnt lol

    2. jmj121


      oh well, nice to dream !


    3. The Duncan

      The Duncan

      just need to work less than my friend

  7. I had the same problem and worked out the MOD was being clipped. Remove the mod and check ur group..
  8. Great night out with "The Duncan" we bagged a charlie and saved a few lambs for the farmer. http://i1079.photobucket.com/albums/w506/jasemjones/photo_zpsf8c47f7a.jpg
  9. its a game of wait for the postman im afraid.....
  10. I see the winchester has changed the box.... is that all they have changed ?
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