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  1. I couldn't agree more with Matt's comments. Section 4 of The Animal Welfare Act 2006 covers "unnecessary Suffering". This would apply to the fox in YOUR cage as the fox would be deemed under your control and responsibility. I would dispatch on-site under the cover of a taurpaline to prevent on-lookers using either a moderated .22 rimfire or moderated .410 depending on your initial risk assessment. Transporting to 'another' site to dispatch shouldn't be considered with regards to animal welfare and disease management. The use of a non-FAC air rifle to dispatch a fox in a trap is really questionable. Not trying to teach people to suck eggs but if this procedure is not carried out humanely and compassionately it simply stokes up the fire for the anti's.
  2. The 2015 PestEx Exhibition hosted by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) will be held at the London ExCel over Wednesday the 25th and 26th of March 2015. This exhibition is only held every two years and this year's slogan is "Bigger, Greater, Faster, Stronger". Over 2000+ visitors attended in 2013. Pre-register to bet the queues at www.pestex.org
  3. I have started to monitor the areas that I am working in with motion sensor camera's. One of the reasons is due to 'urban badger's' moving into towns & cities. Whilst I pre-bait; I can monitor any activity. Link below for footage of different clips. http://www.facebook....425371117528263
  4. I have cleaned my Parker Hale with solvent to get as much grime off it. I still think is is noisy (using Winchester Subs). May go back to the SAK. I do like the Parker Hale. Any tips on reducing the noise. My current rife is a .22lr CZ synthetic S/S with a carbine barrel.
  5. On Sunday, the London fox did a round trip of around miles+. That was roughly worked out on the AA Route Planner from Stoke Newington to Stanford Le Hope so it would be further cross-country. I take it the fox didn't stow away on the back of a lorry up the A13.
  6. The website is amazing. Take a look at the regularly updated maps and satellite images of the foxes locations. It gives you a good idea of there movement patterns, most active time and ground covered depending on there age/health/sex etc. I would of preferred it they had just called them specimen A, B, C etc rather than giving them fluffy names to pull the public's heart strings. By giving them names starts to make it a bit un-balanced.
  7. Does anyone have an automatic Pathfinder? Every so often my Pathfinder goes into 'limp mode'. Usually straight after giving it a bit of throttle. I have been told that it may be the Fuel Pressure Switch and other things. Has anyone else experienced the same? The only way to reset it is to pull over, switch of the engine and re-start. It's not so bad when it happens on a normal road but I am not looking forward to the day it happens on the M1 or M25.
  8. "Wild in the City" starts on Monday the 30th of April 2012 at 8PM. Should be an interesting watch with a can of beer.
  9. I thought you all may be interested in a new TV programme being brought to our screens by Channel 4. Part of the project carried out by a leading University under licence of Natural England is to trap urban foxes and fit GPS collars in order to track there movement. The technology is so high-tech; when they have finished the tracking phase the technicians simply press a few keys on a laptop and the collars drop off for collection. The link is below. I have been tracking the London fox and have been surprised how far it travelled on Sunday !! http://foxes.channel...540658249993912 The main link is: http://foxes.channel4.com/ You are encouraged to go on the dedicated Channel 4 'foxes' website and debate/comment on foxes in order get a 'healthy' balance of opinions.
  10. I noticed them on ebay last night. You beat me to asking the very same question !
  11. No, No & No. Hope that's helped in your "Survey" for your Animal Management Course.
  12. LANTRA awards carry out Fox Control courses which are aimed towards full bore centre fire rifle shooting. The courses are held over a few days which include biology, choice of firearm, night shooting, range work, basic ballistics etc. The courses are usually held at Agricultural Colleges or at private ranges upand down the country. Killgerm / SX Environmental only do Air Rifle training (12ft/lb max) rather than rimfire or centre fire. You could always contact BASC and do your DSC1 or 2
  13. Simple, Speak to your local Police FEO and ask for a Firearms Certificate. If you have a reasonable need and can demonstrate that you need it, what's the problem?
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