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  1. Agree with that, this one is so healthy and dare I say pamperd.
  2. Hi Budy, she is actually a captive fox at the Scottish deer centre near Cupar Fife, she has an enclosure prob around half an acre all natural woods and ground cover but you've still got to be patient for her to show herself and then you have to shoot through a mesh fence.
  3. nice to see this guy today he had a couple of youngsters in tow as well.
  4. watched this guy for a while luckily I was down wind so he didnt notice me for a while.
  5. Not be long now until the young ones are with us again
  6. Thanks guys, he is big and strong but fit as a butchers dog not one of the fatty's lol.
  7. well thats my wee boy past two now and he has turned out fantastic.
  8. went over to Doune today great weather and plenty of kites.
  9. I took my zipper down to have a piss and they got the wrong idea lol.
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