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  1. Thanks gents don't think ill bother , was looking at the boresnakes ....anyone use them ? . What the best set of brushes to go for as i dont want to damage the barrel at all Cheers mully
  2. hi recently been looking at getting some cleaning pellets the felt type . just wondered if they are any good as ive read some mixed reviews so just want some more input please mully
  3. Well guys shoot didn't go exactly to plan camped for a wee while with one rabbit making an appearance and quickly darting back into his warren . Thought it was because he saw me apparently not old Mr fox was around and about as he darted accross the field shortly after the rabbit disapeared got a few feral pidgeons though so not a complete waste better luck next sunday hopefully
  4. Cheers davey happy New year and to all others have a goodun . And hopefully photos will follow
  5. What do you reckon is best stalking or camping as i have one certain feild there seems to be 4 ormore warrens in close proximity ( could just be a mega sized warren ) I've seen roughly 10 out at once , but there's 6 fields in total I may start before light and get myself comfortable in a nicely hollowed out bush then see what happens then stalk the rest of the morning
  6. Thanks gents hopefully get summat for the dinner table
  7. Just joined the hunting life so thought id say hello ....... Recently been given permission to shoot on local equestrian land roughly 14 acres I've been shooting for years Target practice and so on so this is my first real land to shoot on ( got bored of my garden and want a challenge) the lands over run with rabbits and a few pheasant been given permission to shoot all and sundrie within laws but will stick to the bunnies . Going down the 2nd early morning , hopefully theyll be out to play . If I get anything ill post pics within respect Cheers Jim
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