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    barry south wales
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    sea fishing rugby {all the welsh regions} and celts ! leeds utd fan just getting back into huntting after a long gap went all the way to hoyland for my lurcher ! sire beddie-greyhound dam 3 quarter greyhound quarter bull
  1. barry lurcher

    Do People Often Lose Ferrets?

    handle them from young squeaking noise when feeding , have never used locators and never lost any so far in all the years i have hunted , saying that i have had to sit on the box for the odd hour waiting for them ! , best way i have found if they have killed below is stick a rabbit in a purse net and put it down the hole with the peg firmly in the ground and i use a rabbit call on my phone and place that by the hole also got a sqeaker that i carry they always come out
  2. any dog as long as it works with yr team
  3. barry lurcher

    Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

    [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s1065.photobucket.com/user/pauljones1364/media/jet%201_zpsiqq4wwdw.jpg.html'>
  4. barry lurcher

    Best Pic Of One Of Your Lurcher

  5. barry lurcher

    Minkenry Hunting Stories For Thioⁿbasabe'

    fab amazing total respect for u and the mink , got to ask have they sunk there teeth into yet cause i am thinking they gotta bite like a pitbull !!! , keep the videos coming great watching
  6. barry lurcher

    some advice about wich lurcher to get??

    beddie grey or whippet
  7. fooking as far away as possible with no fooking phone
  8. barry lurcher

    What is in your ferret kit

    purse nets ,knife, lurcher , terrier, bag for bunnies and phone
  9. barry lurcher

    coyotes across the pond

    absolutly cracking read more more more please!!!!
  10. barry lurcher

    whats the f*****g point !!!!!

    they were a few days old big rabbits as well wat a bloody waste no mate these were just left there for all to see its beyond me y do it
  11. barry lurcher

    whats the f*****g point !!!!!

    went to a place a few days ago, bit of waste land , someone had ferreted this place killed the rabbits and left them hanging on the fence!!!!, 5 fully grown rabbits just hanging there and another lot just placed on some concrete ,wat wankers done this if you kill them take them home , i was fuming all had been ferreted no sign of mixi on em and hung there, general public walk by often , wat is f*****g wrong with some people !!!!, i can only imagine wat publisity this would have made if someone had photo this ! , this is the first time i have ever seen some thing like this wats the point ?
  12. barry lurcher

    back injury

    give the ferret plenty of rest and time ,collo-cal d liquid calcium is great shit its strenghtens there bones gave it to mine for about 5 weeks solid dramatic improvement was seen
  13. barry lurcher

    back injury

    got mine from the vets but they can be picked up online type in the products and they will come up