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  1. i'll just give it a go but cheers for replying
  2. easy mate can you send me the link for the splicing guide, it will really help me out. cheers mate
  3. so many people giving sound advice why not to use a muzzle and no good reason to use one. so it would be wise to listen to the advice cos i doubt a large group people who go ferreting would be talking crap
  4. i would use common sense but i dont wanna fall on the wrong side of the law i suppose, i'm just surprised there isn't more restriction on using a speargun in the sea or even buying one. i guess i need to ask a club for more info but i just wanted to ask on here first cheers
  5. hi guys just been reading about spearfishing and i need some things clearing up for me.... i know its legal to spearfish in coastal waters around the uk, but does that mean you can just turn up at any beach with your gear and just swim out and start hunting? i wouldnt just turn up at a busy beach and crack on but i cant seem to find where the law states you can do it? as in '' do you have to be a certain distance away from crowded beach'' or something like that, where is the best places to go? any advice would be great cheers guys
  6. im pretty sure my jill has ear mites is there anything i can do or do i need to take her to a vet? cheers
  7. snipping teeth! what a f**k joke
  8. ive got one of those. I put some wood flooring on it and its raised on bricks. I also put another level in it. its easy to clean and mine is sturdy. I brought it when i had no idea about ferreting and was just starting out, it does the job but in the furture i would get a shed and mod it.
  9. i knew somone who did WW2 reenactment and he was fat and sweaty
  10. Foxes Lives : life in the city starts monday 8pm channel 4 might be intresting to watch
  11. good vid, made me laugh when he was trying to hook the young one i suppose you get away with it at that age
  12. hope fury losses. Has only height and gyspy strength going for him, i dont rate him
  13. So how clever do people think ferrets are? In my opinion i think there clever but to independent or stubborn
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