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  1. One from opening meet a couple of weeks ago
  2. Myself and a mate have 2 couple of beagles and 1 couple of harriers between us. We both hunt mounted with foxhounds as well, but hearing your own in cry is something else.
  3. It comes down to each persons definition of sport balanced with the landowners requirment for pest control I think. I wouldnt shoot one but some need shooting.
  4. They should be done for wasting police time in my opinion.
  5. Exactly as it should be done. Some horses not overly keen at first weve noticed if the rag is too white! Hope you have had a good start.
  6. The boy is keen as well, can hear something I cant!
  7. Did you breed the cross or buy it in?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Im fascinated with the idea of a couple in my mixed pack to be honest. Finding workers might not be easy? English bassets a bit like foxhounds not given away/sold outside of established packs perhaps. Like the griffons though so might be an option.

    Hunting Articles Wanted

    Hello, I have tried to publish an article here with you but cant find it here now anywhere. Are they moderated/edited first or have I not managed to post it correctly?
  10. Nothing on with us either, just a relief to be back at it
  11. Nice to meet you mate, we got out yesterday morning for a couple of hours, nice morning
  12. Yeah Im going, big heavy brindle lurcher and a lemon foxhound pup.
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