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    catching and growing my dinner
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  1. jdconstruction

    ferreting kent tomorow

    Hi Mate Sorry had to work today? How did you get on? I cant seem to find the buggers this year.
  2. jdconstruction

    East Kent Dover

    Hi mate just outside Dover
  3. jdconstruction

    Anyone ever made a locator?

    I had the idea of making a couple of extra collars a few months ago for the mk 1. however have been unable to find 457Khz transmiters for sale now looking into a tuned circuit. will keep you updated
  4. jdconstruction

    ferret carry bags

    my ferret had a lucky escape the other week my granddad was carrying it in a wooden box. he stepped over a single strand wire fence slipped in the mud and now has brusied ribs. no so lucky for granddad or nan who now has to put his socks on for him.
  5. jdconstruction

    whilst in the vets

    I was in the vets last week getting the dog its booster jab and enquired about the price of the jills hormone jab. The vet suggested using a cotton bud. the misses face was a picture and stupidly i asked what to use it for. the vet even offered to introduce the jill to the cotton bud for me when she comes into season.
  6. jdconstruction

    built a live catch trap

    Sorry i have just found a debate on eating feral pigeons. some good points for and against? i think the crop will hold the answer?
  7. jdconstruction

    built a live catch trap

    Its crazy how the big firms love to waste money then lay off the lowest paid hard works instead of the fat cats that dont even know the names of their workers. You could have 10 workers for one over paid monkey. Still life goes on On a lighter note i have been feeding some feral pigeons that have been a pest in the yard. They love peanuts, mixed seed they have been eatin all of it. So i layed my trap out this afternoon i have 2 days to see if i can get it to work. Going to check and rebait tomorrow lunch time. has anyone ever tried eaten feral pigeons? as long as they look healthy? will post a picture soon jd
  8. can you eat a rabbit that has myxie? i think i heard it was ok not sure? anyone know or tried? jd
  9. jdconstruction

    built a live catch trap

    Any joy at the railway station? just making a trap myself cheers jd
  10. jdconstruction

    Abig thank you to John B (fourteenacre)

    thank you John B my order arrived this week. had to wait till saturday before i could collect my goods my local post office only work half days! i will posts some photos when there finished cheers jd
  11. jdconstruction

    rotory decoy plans?

    scraped my old car the other week so got to wind screen motors. how long do you make the arms on the rotary is there a set distance? i guess they have to be equal to keep it balanced. thinking of making it with four arms. any one know where to get a good speed switch from?
  12. i have a rat problem in and around my chicken pen. had no signs of the rats all summer but now the weather has changed they have moved back in. i have traps placed on runs around the perimeter and poison stations. not to keen on using my ferret to bolt them dont like to see them dead in a trap let alone running.i was wondering if ferret poop would deter the rats? i am sure i read that rabbits wont enter a tunnel that smells of ferret. any thoughts welcome jd
  13. jdconstruction

    rotory decoy plans?

    has anyone got any plans or drawings for a rotory decoy? has this topic been covered before? i tried searching. sorry if it has. regards jd
  14. jdconstruction

    Training to a whistle!

    i am attempting to train a springer and have had the same problem. i used to mouth whistle to her and she was good as gold till we entered any cover. i went to a lessson and was given some good advise. 1. the mouth whistle can give many diffferent tones so the dog becomes confussed. a 211 1/2 whistle gives the same tone however blown. 2. go back to basics use a check lead(long lead) give the return call, when he is returning blow the whisle. 3. then praise for returning