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  1. i picked up a few rifles lastnite im selling these two on cheap the black one is 177 with magazine ,side lever looks alot like an sa80 never seen one before its called a griffon and a bam under lever .22 i want £70 for the to and can post anywere in the uk for 30 or pick up from bristol bs110en 07842045306 for more details or message me your email for photos
  2. i havce an egar brothers model 60 .22 breal barrel air rifle great for kids or adults starting out i want 50 for it ive got a pay pal account and can post anywere in the uk at your cost phone 07842045306 for quick sale will upload pic as soon as possible
  3. tryed siging up to the edl website but it doesnt send out the conformation email so fuckknows whats going on
  4. That's a terrible analogy mate. Ian Huntley didn't kill because he was a caretaker. He killed because he was a nut case. Same for all other one of murderers/rapists/peadophiles etc. These are killing BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSLIM!!! I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. But all terrorists are Muslim. So f**k off all the Muslims. Problem solved. all terrorist are muslim? ira ?lol
  5. why the f**k do we let these islamic muslims claim benifits when there out to kill us and cause uproar in our great country

    1. low plains drifter

      low plains drifter

      Probably for the same reason that we pay to watch tele,we are a soft touch nation,and do as we are told,well maybe not all of us hahaha

  6. ive been watching some of the videos and looking at the website for the edl and i though they were a rasist group but there not from [BANNED TEXT] ive seen they have siek and muslim member black members and this is good news cause [BANNED TEXT] im hearing them say makes alot of sense so im wondering what you lot think about them
  7. nice to get out with the ferrets today

  8. nice to get out with the ferrets today

  9. Ms Hassan told the court she was on her first hunt protest and was left 'upset' by the insult. dont like it stop being a twat then eh
  10. that coffins is allready well and truely buried fella
  11. have you seen that top gear with the hilux nothing kills um im not convinced haha
  12. ok so some anti tank mines were being shipped to afganistan and have been stolen off the train they were on bit worrying but wots more worrying to me is i cant remmber the lastime i seen a taliban tank ? can anyone else tell me what they gonna use these for over there or more likely who they going to sell them to ? seems strange to me
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