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  1. A cheap second hand rifle that can be ready to fire in an instance ..That would be the WEIHRAUCH HW80 .22 .....Nothing fancy and is guaranteed to last a lifetime with minimal servicing
  2. Mate had one on his boat rigged up to bash burglars on the shins ...He forgot about it ONCE ...Its now an anchor i believe
  3. Can you put up their specs ..I.e weight and dimensions
  4. If you dont mind me asking .What would a teckel cost ..First time I have heard of them being used to hunt ..
  5. Calibre aside ,The mark of a true air gunner is IRON SIGHTS ...I rest my case ..Teles are for liberals
  6. Just a note to say there is no box with the Gun and it is only the gun on sale not the scope ..I cant edit my original add as i changed my email to a gmail so i would get better notifications
  7. No swaps please unless it is for an Ac tig welder as that is what i am selling the gun to buy ...Cant edit my add as i changed my email just after putting the add on and now for some reason it has me down as a new starter .I have lost my Donator status
  8. This gun is as now and has had less than 100 pellets through it .22 ..Lad I got it off bought it in April from Bagnall and Kirkwoods for i think £ 550 . I swopped it for a webley fx2000 but its just not for me .I dislike the bear trap tbh I have tried to get along with it but to no avail so its up for grabs at a bargain price of £ 325 .Willing to px for a decent AC tig welder
  9. Did you mean 7.5 litre ...Its seems much larger than 2.5
  10. Good advice ....Pushing it with my time as I work 7 days a week at the moment ...Seasonal work is a pain but it pays the bills eh ...Steve smiths you say ...Will try that
  11. Due to working a lot I tend to not have the time to go knocking on doors asking for shooting permission so I will try the internet approach I am looking for land to shoot vermin on as I only have an air rifle at the moment in time I am ready and willing to put money on the table as I dont want to be seen as a moocher going after a free ride No access to a 4 wheel drive so I will only be walking on the land and It would need to be within an hour of Newcastle upon tyne ... So if you know of a space in a syndicate that will allow an air rifle on ( not into shotguns at all ) I will be very interested Bunny bashing etc I have one dog who is very well behaved and I am a member of BSAC Regards
  12. Passed the info on to my mate who is on the lookout for a hound ....They look well hardy ...
  13. Is this still for sale ?
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