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    BORN TO HUNT F**K THE BAN ![/color][/size]
  1. wwwwaaaahhhhhh jibbers haha

  2. half the fukin people on here are fukin fools

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    2. R. Docks

      R. Docks

      I fukin fink you should fukin buy a fukin dictionary..


    3. johnny boy68

      johnny boy68

      Aye and being from Tredegar you'd know all about fools. LOL

    4. chrisbullx


      U r 1 of them cousin u bum lol

  3. Only boy I know can sit on the back of a jackrussell and his feet can't touch the floor!! Waaaaaah!!

  4. FAGGOT ha ha ha ha BUMMER!!!

  5. FAGGOT ha ha ha ha BUMMER!!!

  6. quality fair play ov the moon wit her boi :D

  7. hows that pup over there meat head

  8. well-up !!!!!

    1. chrisbullx


      Well up mens arses u meat munching midget!!!

    2. chrisbullx


      The only man I know who can sit on a spaniels back and his feet can't touch the floor waaaaaaah

  9. gayboy gayboy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

  10. hws the pellat guns goin lol

  11. u allright mate any dogs 4 sale ???

  12. allright mate any dogs 4 sale ???

  13. ryan do u wana buy a pup out of [bANNED TEXT] dog 50 quid its stefan frm tred??

  14. allright mate u intrested in buying a bullgreyhound saluki greyhound bitch 5 months old 100 quid??

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