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  1. Shooter08

    W Hobson prints

    still here if anyones interested as im re selling, dont have the space anymore
  2. Shooter08

    Hunting Painting

    my mistake it is a print
  3. Shooter08

    Hunting Painting

    This is a Hunting Painting by the Artist ' W.Hobson ' called ' Confrontation ' dated & signed by himself. It is a Limited Edition as only 1000 of these were made and framed, this is Painting #550. The frame is a very well looked after Dark Mahogany Wood with only 2 minor scratches that arent even noticable untill up really really close. The Paintings Dimensions are 26" x 19" & would go perfect above a fireplace, The detail of this painting is unreal. Make me an offer not an insult Atb
  4. michigan blacks there called, i had two in my garden but they decided to go for a swim in the pond and drowned :/ the white ones are called white alaskan snow pheasants, ive seen 1 cock on bird trader go for £65, theres a shoot near me that have them and theres a bounty of £50 for shooting them too, i have one in my garden lol, hes a little stunner!
  5. Shooter08

    Had a Good Evening Stalk Today!

    hi Martin, it was my mate and 2 of his mates who came through from manchester, there both professional deer stalkers, they took the head off and they are going to skin it and see what it is, you could see abit of broken bone in there but apart from that we didnt really know so hes going to examine it
  6. Shooter08

    Snow dogs.

    i take it your a photographer then? cause they are fecking good photo's
  7. Shooter08

    Had a Good Evening Stalk Today!

    anyone know if its a tumour then?
  8. Shooter08

    superb rifle

    Hw90k Is My Choice, Not Because I Have One, But Just Because There Good!
  9. Shooter08

    Few Recent Pictures

    well i'll be in the money soon lol, my mates a gamekeeper and he said he will buy some chicks off me, ive seen these white ones going on birdtrader for £50 each
  10. eyup guys, 1st post in this section so dont really know what im on about but anyway... we went looking for some roe earlier, started walking down the hedge side, pal spots the deer lying down in the hedge bottom with his bino's, which is suprising we saw anything due to the great snow blizzards were having here and with the sun going down quite quick, anyway we switched sides of the hedges so the smell wouldnt go her way, got the sticks out, lined her up, but she saw us and ran a few metres, she looked again, then looked away,..... bang" down on all fours roe was in good condition but it had a broken jaw and what looks like a tumor ? or maybe just swollen alot?
  11. Shooter08

    Few Recent Pictures

    no not mine lol, he's a right lil character, hes more like a chicken lmao, walks upto me when im sitting on the bench and just lays down, ive got a picture somewhere haha
  12. Shooter08

    Few Recent Pictures

    Now Bor's Few Phezzy's S200, Hw90k Good Lil Night On The Lamp, The Abattoir lol, Deer Stalking With The Mates Rifle, Nice Lil Roe, I Was This Close To Hitting It " " Dave" My White Alaskian Snow Pheasant Roaming The Garden
  13. what a load of barry white, country file was

  14. you cheeky little welsh lol, hurry up and get down to my crib x

  15. well to be honest, its pretty simple when you break it down after breaking it down you narrow it down and you realise markus is a c**t haha much love bummer! ;)