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  1. .Would you think the working wheaten of today is a shadow of what it was? (not a loaded question) .Its going back to when i was a child the last time i saw a proper wheaten(i.e not a small old english sheepdog type show dog). I believe from the right yard the wheaten of today is as good as and in some case better than yesteryear ,Thats my honest opinion ,no doubt the experts will know different .
  2. Are you sure you dont mean a bar with a section of leaf spring welded on to the business end
  3. Wellcome Jo ,think i may have seen that dog before
  4. I agree with you completely they are entitled to something back ,send them every fxking paki from the uk , :feck: :feck:
  5. I was told that corona virus has been in the Uk with at least ten years ,its symptoms i believe are very similar to pavro ,im not saying this could be corona but i for one vaccinate against it .
  6. Best dog i ever see or by the lads that i have known all my life was around the same age as yours ,he certainly made up for the late start and was a pleasure to own.
  7. Heres a few that happened to me a long time ago , after been out hunting one winters day we decided to stop at the local pub on the way home . As we were only having a pint i left the dog in the boot of the car ,as we returned after half an hour i was surprised to see the windows of the car all fogged up .On opening the door i soon realised what had happened ,the dirty b*****d had eaten through the parcel shelf ,eaten the gear nob ,steering wheel and ripped all the seats ,at least he didnt crap on my seat lol, Same dog out in the garden for ten minutes while i cleaned his kennel ,eat the seat of the motorbike chews the brake pipes ,chewed the water waste pipe from the house fxckin nutcase .That dog cost me thousands some things i couldnt put on here ,But despite that i have no regrets and i wish he was here now .
  8. the man i got my patterdale from, many others who know him and hunt with him share the same respect for him and his bloodline as i do. As it should be
  9. I might drive down ,is it far from Haverhill ?
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