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  1. Does the wife know that your decision too move too Devon is based on wether or not your satisfied that there's enough game down there based on what lads on here tell you?? Lol I'd imagine there's plenty there if you know we're too look...just like Surrey there's good spots and bad spots.....anyways good Luck with the move....Atb billy
  2. Really sad too hear that mate....not good anytime of the year especially over Xmas...my condolences Atb billy
  3. Blue 3/4 grey 1/4 collie 8 now....Atb billy
  4. Potassium permanganate....I believe is the stuff if you want too harden pads...will check my first aid box too see if I got the name right....!!! And will repost if it's wrong....!! Atb billy
  5. If I had too guess bullxwhippet with collie in there at least a quarter is my guess...!!! What is she do you actually know???? Atb billy
  6. This is it comes with a tidy pouch as well atb Billy
  7. I brought a led lensar p7.2 for my air rifle, 50 for the rifle kit... But it's about 30 just for the torch...I use it for walking dog and it's a good little thing for small fields paddocks etc....it's got a tight spot and floods well runs off aaa batteries so far haven't changed them and missus uses it constantly on when walking after dark so it lasts well...I was really surprised how well it works it's a torch at the end of the day...but considering I brought it solely for my air rifle it was a bonus when I found I could run the dog with it if something pops up when I'm just out for a walk after dark....it's the only one I've tried so couldn't say if it's better than any of the others mentioned but I use it and I love it...atb Billy
  8. I always carry superglue and activator....believe me in a crisis you will understand be it me or the dog if it's desperate enough that stuff is a godsend....sliced my arm open with a Stanley and a chippy sealed me back toogether with glue and acti and I've used it ever since for bleeders if there's nothing else about...!!!no I'm not saying ppl should glue there dogs back together but it's a handy bit of kit in a crisis.....!!! Atb billy
  9. I think the Xmas spirits ran high last night....merry Xmas everyone I hope you all have a good un....!! Even you lads that have different opinions too mine lol ..... Ho ho ho...!!!
  10. I think the problem here is the name Hancock lights a fire up some peoples arses in a good way,and burns like a soggy sock between there cheeks in others, you either had good experiences with them or bad, but at least they are out doing what we all love, wether or not there the best at it, as long as I got a dog by my side that will do his or her best for me when I call on them I'm happy, I love lamping and I love lurchers in general...whoever bred them!! I love the sport, I love the failures I love the successes, that's the beauty of the dog game, your dog may reign supreme for 5 or so years but u can bet your kennels on it somone will come along with a dog that will be the talk of the town and everyone would have loved too see them matched against each other when they were both in there prime....every now and again a dog pops up that despite its breeding ppl talk about few Hancocks held that title down here...few bullx few Saluki types....you got limited amount of time when your dog can produce its best before some pup comes along and takes its limelight.....good luck too everyone who owns a working lurcher if it's a worldbeater make the most and enjoy it.....it won't last forever before you have too start again....Atb billy
  11. I feel sorry for you...clearly only had shite out running with you and in that case it's no wonder you have that much spout about Hancocks and being shite..I've owned and seen Hancock lurchers that would make most dogs look like 3legged sausage dogs it's not the breeding it's the man on the other end of the lead Hancock or linebred legend....!!!
  12. I think with dogs be they from Hancock or linebred from your own family....put that pup in the wrong hands and its going too end up shite, I've seen dogs from great working parents and working grandparents turn out badly....again owner was too blame in my opinion....!!! It's easy too blame the breeding for poor quality dogs but I've seen good and bad come from homebred and Hancock, look more closely at the owners....just my opinion Atb billy
  13. Boooooring Luke ferret you have posted 3times without a reply moaning about Hancock lurchers, there are lads out there with dogs that do just as good as the best dogs you know.....you clearly have an issue with Hancock why not take it up with him....as for his dogs as said already there a niche in the market for lads who don't have years of working bred collies lines too go too when they want too go hunting, as for fly ball try fallow, roe, fox regular in fact 8 year old still does them and more bunnies you can shake a stick at....seen one do 12 rabbits 3roe 2charlie single handed numbers like that are good down here and similar no's was regular from that dog..some lads are very proud of there dogs of course you got kicked off the site it's for ppl who love there dogs, every time somone puts up a post about them your advertising them for him and I'm sure mr Hancock will be very gateful....wasn't going too get roped in but I seen these posts time and time again booooring now......some lads are lucky enough too have family and friends in the dog world who they can get there working strain collie x lines from, if they were that bad he would be shut down and he wouldn't have a business at all, people want different things one mans trash is another mans treasure.....Atb billy
  14. Never thought I'd hear Mr Plummer slagging off Hancock. I don't think this is who you think it is..!! Brian Plummer your thinking aren't you?? Are you serious? You're saying it's not him then? Sorry for being the bearer of bad news so close too Xmas but no I don't believe it is...I may be wrong but my gut feeling is no definatly not, bet u were all star struck and flustered when u saw him post on the thread and then pm him for his signature...lol I knew u didn't I was seeing where it would go or if he might have even corrected me....yis billy
  15. Never thought I'd hear Mr Plummer slagging off Hancock. I don't think this is who you think it is..!! Brian Plummer your thinking aren't you??
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