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  1. Hello I have owned my Defender for a few months now, Full major service when brought it including gear oils etc. Its on 204,000 and starts and runs well BUT i have recently been driving it a lot to and from a game farm and it is developing a few issues that id like some advice on. 1. ive noticed that i get a bit of blow by from the oil filler cap when the engine is hot, i also feel like the engine looses a bit of power the longer i drive it, not by alot but it is noticeable. I.e it will happily pull up to 35 in 3rd gear when cold but I seem to have to accelerate harder to get to 35 in 3rd when hot. could this be caused by the blow by, its not a huge amount and doesn't blow the filler cap off but is visible. 2. when in 3rd gear, if i take my food of the accelerator (at any speed down to 20mph) i get a sharp judder, and the car seems to surge on engine braking. (not engine surging just the car jolting forward and holding back) changed fuel filters but no change, feels like it may be starting to do it in 4th gear as well now. It doesn't happen when the clutch is down only when engaged. 3. I replaced the thermostat, flushed the radiator and it still overheats after 20mins on the motorway at 55mph, no issues on the lanes and will happily spend hours running back and fourth on country roads at mixed speeds. Water pump working I think (water being circulated around header tank and pushed out of thermostat bleed screw if removed. Any advice would be great and very helpful! Also just out of interest what is the average life span of the clutch on a hard worked defender. Many thanks James.
  2. I have a 99 Grand vitara TD with the Mazda RF lump and auto box,. It is a brilliant motor always get 40mpg and havnt had any problems apart from standard service items. Well worth a look, gota be the most economical 4x4 around!
  3. Hi, Im looking to buy a pick up in a few months and have narrowed the search down to an L200 or a b2500/Ranger. I prefer the L200 due to the 4x4 system and centre diff but what are the engines like, are they reliable? I have read allot about failures on the Pajero, is this the same engine? My mechanic has recommended the B2500 over the L200 due to its simplicity and old fashion diesel technology. But would appreciate any feedback on either of the motors! Will be spending around 3.5k Thanks J
  4. 1996 Daihatsu sportrak for sale, I brought this to use when beating and for taking the dogs out, however i now have a long commute and need a slightly more economical car,. It has had a new alternator, new drivers side calliper, cam belt, new rear exhaust, full service and brake pads all round. I don't have any history with it so cant verify the millage (46000), but mechanically it has been looked after. Doesn't use any oil or water and plods along happily all day. It has had some welding on the arches, and i have wire brushed any bubbling paint and treated with a rust converter and red oxide. so obviously it now has a few red oxide touch ups around the arches and under the windscreen. Internally it is in very nice condition. the carpets are a bit worn but the seats are perfect with no rips or stains. The chassis is solid and the floor pan inside the car is very clean with no rust. the underside of the car is equally clean with shiny green paint work. Gearbox works as it should and clutch doesn't slip, 4x4 works fine with manual locking hubs, also has all terrain tyres all round. Im unsure if im right to be selling it considering all the work ive done. so may keep it if i don't get the asking price. Over all its a good solid little truck. Mot until October 2013 (no advisories, and tax for a few more months. Located in Leiston if you want to have a look or a test drive, email for pics or look on Gumtree suffolk. Thanks for looking James. Looking for £600ovno
  5. Hi, Advertising these on Gumtree but thought some one may be interested on here. Happy to do a deal,px,swop etc I brought these last year to go on a Nissan Micra, they cost me over £400 and have been used for approximately 3000 milles. They are in "Like new" condition and have been stored correctly inside. I brought them as my wife was expecting a baby in December (2011) and i wanted to get to the hospital and back safely. We now have a larger car and they are no longer needed. There are some excellent reviews on the internet for them, they proved themselves in last year's January snow and offer amazing levels of grip, we even passed a Landrover defender on its roof just off the A12. (obviously didn't have these winter tyres fitted :-) your welcome to come and view them. Thanks for looking James. p.s May be able to deliver within a reasonable distance if you can pay towards my fuel.Located in Suffolk. http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/sv2-winter-tyressnow-tyres-16560-r14/1005940715
  6. Hi I live in the Suffolk coastal area (Sax) and am looking to do some local beating, I have experience on the beating line and have a spaniel to work next season. Currently writing up my PhD thesis, in ecology, and always looking for any opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air and meet like minded people. I'm fully insured by the Association for Country Sports (SACS), and am reliable and easy going. Cheers James.
  7. I would avoid the sportage, just sold one which i only had for a few weeks, looked great with A/Ts on but it was seriously heavy on fuel, spent about £400 in three weeks doing a 40mile a day comute,and then it had loads of annoying squeeks and rattles and other issues, just not worth the hassle, parts are very expensive aswell! Traded it for a daihatsu sportrak and apart from some minor bits and bobs it great, wish i had of got one earlyer! cant go wrong with a vitara tho, we have a V reg Grand vitara with the mazda TD engine and it is amazing on fuel, must get about 45mpg on a run and it only cost us £1500 never got stuck in it and has low range etc!
  8. Hi I have recently acquired a p reg sportrak with around 120k on the clock, It drives great and i am very happy with it, However when moving away in first gear there is some bad vibrating and the whole truck shakes. It can be managed by giving it more gas and being very gentle with the clutch, however this isnt great in heavy traffic! This doesn't happen in any other gear and reverse works fine with no juddering. Does this sound like i need a new clutch? is there anyway of checking the clutch or testing it? Thanks for any comments, Im very happy with the car, had a kia sportage for a few weeks and got rid quick, it drank fuel, had loads of annoying faults and didn't have any power, wasn't impressed at all with it! Sportrak has twice the millage,has seen years of farm use (never towed) and runs like a Swiss watch!
  9. Hi all. I have just been reading some old copys of the Field, and found a great article on mink hunting with otter hounds, I dont have any experiance with this type of hunting, (always been in to shooting and working dogs on beats etc) but Mink hunting looked like good fun, (Only happy when im up to my eye balls in water and mud :-) Does anyone know if its possible to follow a hunt or how easy it is to get involved? I live in suffolk so if anyone knows of any clubs i could talk to in Suffolk/Norfolk area id be greatfull, only found dead links so far on google. Thanks for any advice or comments in advance Jay
  10. Hi I am after some good comfy boots that will withstand a few seasons beating along with general field sports etc Im sick of buying wellington boots every few months, I used to have a very old pair of Hunters which were great but the new ones seem to be made purely for fashon and split and leak withing a few days in the field. I would like a proper boot rather than wellingtons so i have the extra support when clambering over fences and through fields So.. what do you recomend can go up to around £200 Thanks j
  11. Thanks for replys. Already got a Td Grand vitara which is ace, i love it. Picked up the sportage for £600 if i get a years relativly trouble free motoring ill be happy, and at that price if i wreck it with dogs things i wont be too worried. Drives well and already has some nice A/Ts on. Just to confirm the fuel economy is shite, think my old 2,5 V70 was better!
  12. Hi all, Still searching for a cheap dog bus, Noticed a 2001 sportage with a 2.0 petrol engine going cheap near me,. Anyone had one, or have any opinions? Just want somthing to chuck dogs in and go to a few shoots etc. Are they reliable, i hear the engines are Mazda sourced? Thanks in advance James.
  13. Ive got a suzuki grand vitara TD (2000 reg) with the mazda RF engine and im getting 45mpg with a gentle right foot, and thats in an Auto, almost as good as our 1.3 Nissan micra.
  14. Auto or manual? If auto could you send pics to james001coulter@yahoo.co.uk Thanks James
  15. Im in Suffolk, so would be a long trip but may be worth it! The Grand vit is in too good a condition to turn in to a mobile dog kennel. Not to mention the other half has got rather protective over it, lol! Look'd at reviews on net and havnt really seen anything negative yet! Would a K reg be carb or injection?
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