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  1. well obviously not why would i want a pinched dog
  2. Not botherd as long as its doing what its bred for.
  3. Bull greyhound wanted must be doing the job. asap very good cash waiting ATB POACHER
  4. I'll try got the cash here waiting will pay very good money for the right dog
  5. Is she still for sale mate got the money here now for her.
  6. Must be doing the job 100% dog or bitch will pay very good money for the right dog. ATB
  7. got a bitch pup here forsale out of cooklands deerhounds if anyones interested.
  8. Let me know cash waiting for the right dog.
  9. Bull greyhound bitch wanted either doing the job or ready to bring on let me know cheers.
  10. Bull greyhound bitch wanted either ready to bring on or doing the job let me know asap cheers. N E poacher.
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