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  1. Hi Guys It's been a very long time since I've posted on this forum. Joined the marines in 2010 and not had much time for the lurchers which has pained me massively. So at the end of the summer I got told by a mate that another friend's bitch has had a litter and I'd heard nothing but good stuff about the Dam. After speaking to the lad with the Dam and hearing about the Sire I booked my self a pup instantly. All I can say is I've ended up with a cracker. I am extremely happy with her so far. 5 months old 23" TTS and 19kg Dam is 5th generation Deerhound x Greyhound Sire is Saluki Grey Coursing type x 5/8 3/8 Bull Greyhound. I figured quite quickly that she suffered with mild separation anxiety with having to put her in a crate at work to keep the mess down at such a young age. I think I've overcome that now and she has a lot more freedom and has grown in confidence in my absence. What I am struggling with is how anxious she gets in the car. As soon as she sees the car the drooling starts and I have no problem getting her in the car but the drooling doesn't stop. She is also sick on most journeys. Those over 20 minutes are a definite. So I've tried daily short journeys also moving her up front with me she's improved slightly but still the same with the drooling. Any advice would be excellent. Thanks for reading. It's good to be back
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    New Pup And Travel Anxiety

    I've tried ginger biscuits as they help with travel sickness but I think the drool is more anxiety so I've been told Carmex, Scullcap & Valerian or Adaptil. Not sure if anyone on here has heard of any of these? Would rather stay clear of any form of medication if I can.
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    New Pup And Travel Anxiety

    Good news that ZigZag as we do a fair bit of traveling to work the dogs. When i get to the destination her obedience goes out of the window for 15 mins also so hopefully it's just a hurdle.
  4. cymruguy69

    New Pup And Travel Anxiety

    I'm hoping you're right. Not had it this bad before but will keep at it
  5. cymruguy69

    Terrier Box

    Does anybody know where I can get a quality triple terrier box from???
  6. cymruguy69

    Terrier Box

    Cheers for the replies I'l give him a pm!
  7. cymruguy69

    R.I.P Drum

    R.I.P. Drum !! My Type of dog!!!
  8. cymruguy69

    new pics off the pups

    I reckon they'l be big dogs there thickset already. Best of luck with them should eat up the bigger stuff!!!
  9. cymruguy69

    new pics off the pups

    Nice pups Love a bit of wheaton blood. How old are they???
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    I havn't been on here in a while and it seems to me that the people with sense and the know how about running dogs have up and left. My Dog caught his first at 10 and 1/2 Months and that was a squatter during the day. I wouldn't dream of running a dog untill 9 months and that's if I knew that the dog was mature enough to do so. All dogs are diffrent don't get me wrong but the way I see it 6 months and 7 month old dogs catching is nothing to brag about infact its stupidity your all going to end up with dogs that either yip or jus quit because they havn't got the confidence after being disheartend so many times before!! Dogs remember there puppyhood forever!! It's like chucking a 10 year old boy into a senior game of rugby or football!!! Their going to get disheartend and frustrated and think f**k that!!! That's the way I see it so have a think about it before u slip your dog next time!!
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    I have heard about this before. Am I correct in saying that Lakelands were in the make up of the Patterdale along time ago before they were called Patterdales. Perhaps there were white Lakelands involved in this particular breeding along time ago. Or maybe like said before if the line is very tight like half brother and sister then there is some sort of albino gene. At the end of the day it doesn't matter as long as the pup works!!!!
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    Mines 47lb 2oz
  13. cymruguy69

    Taking fox

    I think I'll leave him till next season. Nearly the end of Feb now anyway and will be finishing up. Cheers for the advice guys.
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    Taking fox

    Right I had a dog pre-ban and when he was 14 months I entered him doubled up to foxes. The first fox he coursed he was first to take hold and started to rag the fox but on the other dog jumping in he let go and jus wandered back to me. I thought nothing of it and put it down to inexperience. He never got bit. Upon leaving it a month and then trying him again he took hold first once again and the fox grabbed him straight on the snout. The dog wouldn't let go but on the other dog taking hold to help he let go once again and just wandered back. Once we had removed the other dog and shook the carcass to egg my dog on he took hold and shook it sick for a few seconds but realizing it was dead just released it. I find it strange that he won't keep hold of the fox when another dog is present. What would you guys have suggested if you were in my shoes "back then" as I think he is to young to try on his own. Cheers Picture of dog at 13 months
  15. cymruguy69

    Taking fox

    Sounds good to me. Should I wait until next season or try and get him out before the end of the season? I was thinking of getting on the cubs in August. He'l be 19 months then. What you reckon?
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    Best prank pulled at school?

    I did that to. Now you mention it I was a little shit!!! haha Glued the french teacher to her chair with a whole tube of glue she had to cut herself off. Had a rubber fight in the middle of assembely and hit the head of year twice! Broke into the gym closet and put balls all over the school. Loads of mild things nothing reall serious except painting class of 2004 on the main outside wall of the school about 25ft in size one night after our GCSE results HAHA!!
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    New Battery - Lithium Ion

    Just out of interest. Have you got to get a new charger or is the old charger ok to use??
  18. cymruguy69

    Entering to foxes

    At what age would you say the best time is to enter a dog to foxes. Pre-Ban. Here is my Lurcher He is 14 Months in a week. His parents are both proven workers he is lurcher to lurcher so not sure about what is in his make-up. (Just out of intrest pre-ban)
  19. cymruguy69

    the fastest

    In my opinion if you really want to test a dog on staying power and stamina also speed in a straight line you can't get better quarry than the hare or deer. Let's be honest the fastest land Mammal in the British isles is the lurcher. If you were to put the deer against a hare I suppose it would depend on terrain to. There's no telling which one would be faster. The Hare is definitely quicker off the mark though.
  20. cymruguy69

    Entering to foxes

    Cheers Lads. I know boys who have got single handed dogs so when I go out with them I'll just let him rag the carcasses. Get him used to the scent and so on. Last thing I want is for him to have a bad bight and shy off.
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    He's looking good now poach!!! You going to start him soon? (It's Toby btw )
  22. cymruguy69

    lurcher photos

    Here's mine Harvey.
  23. cymruguy69

    Hiya I'm a Newbie

    Welcome to the site!!
  24. cymruguy69

    FAO Brookie

    Here's the picture of Harvey taken yesterday.
  25. cymruguy69

    FAO Brookie

    Very Similar Markings Frank. I don't know the exact breeding of the dog he's lurcher to lurcher as are his parents and their parents. He comes from a line of dogs where only the best dogs were bred to the best dogs. Brookie could tell you more. He's 27 inches to the shoulder weighs about 26kg (58lb), I think he's got a little more filling out to do though because he's put weight on in the last month without showing any fat. Here he is with his first tracked deer He found first and was helped by my mates dog to make a quick kill. Sorry about the picture quality. Was taken on my phone