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  1. Evening. Has anyone read The patterdale Terrier by Sean Frain? Would like to know if its any good. Cheers Paddy
  2. Be interesting to know what park in rotherham pal?
  3. Some people just need taking out and shooting. Any wonder out country is going the way it is. Chavs with their status dogs thinking its fun for their dog to attack others. Boils my piss. All this bollocks about dangerous dogs act is down to these scum. Paddy
  4. Bit of christy moore live at vicar street.
  5. paddy.t


    Im supprised at the muckers failing you. Ive had a pair three seasons amd given them some right agro but they keep going strong.
  6. Although i do believe these animals are on the loose, more likely puma's and the like. That pic on the sun's website looks like its smiling. Either way im heading down to essex with the spud gun. Paddy
  7. Wouldn't let me edid previous post.
  8. I get people round here asking if my black patt is a scottie... Even the dog gets pissed off now.
  9. Too bloody scared to show their faces half of them. There all idle gits who just want to cause trouble, no matter what the 'cause'. Im close to the peaks and im out there quite a lot so if i see them around ill inform the police. Paddy
  10. Cheers, ive orderd some lead ammo. Im using double theraband at the min. Ill start experimenting with band length and what not once ive got a decent fork. Paddy
  11. Cheers for the reply joe. I thought about making my own ammo, but to be honest i can't be botherd to sorce, melt and make it. Ive looked on ebay but like i say theres that bloody many different sizes and what not for sale. Cheers
  12. Evening all, been a fair while since ive posted on here. Good to see the forum is still going strong. Ive made myself a 'Y' catty from a felled branch (not sure what wood it is) long story short its decent but not quite even and can't seem to get it comfy in my hand, so ive made a template and am going to have a crack at making one from ply (been having a read of the catty thread) Im using theraband gold rubbers. What ammo do you chaps reccomend size wise.. 9mm or it 12mm better? Im thinking of getting steel to practice with as its cheaper and buy lead to hunt with for the 'squash' on impact factor. Also where do you chaps buy your ammo from? Ive looke on e-bay but theres thousands to choose from. Thanks Paddy
  13. Evening... In the past week my 14 month old terrier has decided to start yapping and barking all of the time ie when we are sat watching t.v or whatever. Im in need of some advice on how to stop him barking all the time...? Also any tips on his recall would be good, at the minute he is very good alone on walks but if he see's another dog he will run over to it totaly ignoreing me and play with it when i try to get him back he just runs around in circles. Again something i would like some advice on. Many thanks. Paddy
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