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  1. I was sadly told last night whilst out rabbit shooting and will sadly miss Allan. I only spoke to him two weeks ago when he told me and apologised for not being able to mend my rabbit chewed long nets, which he had done beautifully for many years...and charged me only pennies. I did mange to take some film of him at the Midland GF I think two years ago on the long netting stand, mending nets like the craftsman he was and then how he shot out his nets. One day if i get time i will put this on another DVD , as the knowledge he had is differecult to find nowadays. RIP
  2. Speak to Jim chick superb service mends all collars and boxes!!
  3. Socks as long as there at least two red merle bitches you can keep the other three?!!!
  4. Lee view thanks for the plug but just one correction, I am the co owner of Landmark Rabbit Control Ltd with Socks. Best wishes and many thanks for tiercel mending my old hole infested longnet!!! James
  5. My boring dark brindle straight half cross !
  6. A quick snap of my collie greyhound first cross and the raving man JR puppy....hopefully future ferreting partners!!!
  7. Vin I always get the runt!!! Will take some photos of my little dark brindled mongrel this weekend and post on here against this glamour designer merle!! Incidentally three hunting life members have pups from the litter....and as insurance I have now returned to my roots with a short tailed yapping white ferret snapping 12 week old short legged J R .....supposively with no northern hard stuff in it.....socks thinks I am mad with this little red misted brute!! James
  8. Vin Chuckles is now a proud father, so a few kits available down south in the next 8 weeks or so..... Appreciated all your efforts and let me know if you want any. James Ps up your way this weekend collecting a new ferreting mutt......
  9. Try my Mick Dadd , if you don't have his number I will pm it if you want? James
  10. Just finished reading the book, really enjoyed it James
  11. Must have had some good ferrets there socks!!
  12. Well time flies this year and the pups were born last night for those who have pm'd me. There are dogs black and white and tri colour and a black and white bitch available. The pups are up near Durham and if anyone is interested please pm me and I will put you in touch with the fella All the best James
  13. Cannot believe the lack of public outcry after the barbaric video ( on the daily mail website) of so called religious slaughter of sheep by mXXXXX s hacking throats, drawing glasses on head s of sheep and frightening them whilst playing Christmas music....and no so called Islamic prays at the time......if any of us had been caught coursing or similar we would be social lepars and locked up with a baying mop outside.....but maybe it is ok for this to happen as well as dousing petrol over pilots...... James
  14. HI all I have a little involvement in a purpose bred litter of a straight half cross litter. The greyhound got tied last night and the sire is a good working hill collie. if anyone is interested in a pup please PM me and i will keep them posted and fingers crossed the bitch will have taken!!! All the best James
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