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  1. 2008 daystate airwolf in .177 with niko sterling niteater scopes,mounts,weirach silencer conversion,sling,bag,firearms cabinet,deben tracer mini lamp,batteries,charger,,232 bar diving bottle,,all in as new condition collect only neath south wales,,£800
  2. just got my mate a sheridan bluestreak in .20....wicked little gun
  3. daystate airwolf .177 with jsb exact heavy pellets,great combination
  4. just to give you an idea of what i feed mine,,,1 whole adult rabbit cut up in sections will feed my 7 polecats on a daily basis,,the rabbits are gutted out in the field and then frozen back home.livers,kidneys,hearts left in them,i also feed them day old chicks simply because a day olds will pass through the gut of a ferret and clean out any internal worms,,,i feed the polecats farmed white rats,,tripe from the slaughterhouse they have as well,they also are fed a mixture of other stuff i shoot with the gun,,they also get a dry food biscuit alpha or james wellbeloved now and again,,milk is alwa
  5. number one poacher,,pm your phone number mate,,,,got 3 good jills bred so should have a few kits,,,,all the best gary,,,
  6. i use a daystate airwolf in .177,,weirach silencer,,tasco niteaters 4x16x50 scopes,,,deben mini tracer lamp,,,,
  7. any rabbits left in the rhondda ,,,its got to be a wind up,,,
  8. hi my gun is a daystate airwolf in .177 with a niko sterling niteater 4 x16x50..my mag is on 6 ,,,when i zero the gun i pace out 25yds set out a plain piece of a4 paper ,,,aim at centre and where the pellet lands aim at the pellet hole again then work from there,,,a lot of my rabbit shooting are around 25yds to 30yds,,,i dont shoot over my capabilities,,its not fair to the bunny,,,always head shots,,,no body shots,,,,be a master at 25yds shooting than an idiot missing things and wounding rabbits at 50yds,,,
  9. my mate had his stuff years ago,,very hard terriers he also had patterdales,,both types were used most weekends,,not just once a year,
  10. i use a weirach silencer on the airwolf,,,its awesome,,the airarms s200 is a cracking little gun mind and cheap enough,,,
  11. hi mate get the s410 better gun than the bsa ..go for .177 better trajectory,,must be head shot though,,i am using a daystate airwolf in .177 awesome for rabbit control,,shot plenty with it,,
  12. are you garry from neath or neath abby bunny killer i am ged numberonepoacher ystradgynlais if you are you know me and 20years ago i had a polecat cross off you she was better than any ferret that ever lived yes
  13. so again lots of views on the animal which is a born killer of rabbit,,love them or hate them,,,james mackay has been selling them for years,,in the right hands perfect rabbit control partners,,,in the wrong hands waste of hutch space,dont handle,skulkers,,,last years litters went to working homes and pet homes,,,all still alive and have bolted rabbits,no problems,,,a lot of people on most sites talk about rabbit control and like everything else a master in the sport,,,i work my polecats and ferrets,lurcher,,i dont go asking people have you got a spare rabbit for my 10 ferrets,,,simply i catch
  14. ,,you do not need a license and its not against the law to keep them,,,firstly none of my wild polecats latch on to me,last years litter i bred were given away to a few genuine rabbiting boys which i knew would give them a go on the rabbiting later in the season,,i can name two lads which have just kept them as pets...the rabbiting lads are chuffed with them ,,,obviously a bit stronger on the rabbit which will lead to a dig,,handling wise have been ok apart from ade33uk on this site which is struggling a bit with the jill i gave him,ade has had two from me a young hob last year and a jill late
  15. ok,,,,,both parents were trapped from different parts of the country,,hob was from scottish borders and the jill from mid wales,,,the youngsters will be captive bred wild polecats if that helps you....the reason for me putting them as wild polecats is exactly that,i bred a wild hob and jill,,they are not crossed to other polecat colours which i have at home,,,i kept a jill from last years litter which i bred with a polecat coloured hob which i stated i will have first cross litters as well....
  16. give me £100 and i will take the litter of you,,,..i dont do part time i work shifts...gary
  17. ok mate no probs,,,i have had these polecats for a number of years,,,no doubt a couple of boys on here have had the youngsters from me i have sold a good few last year,,,most have used them late in the season and have done well with them,,,,
  18. Where in south wales are you how old are they and how much are they thanks west glamorgan,,,,they are not born yet,,,bred them a couple of weeks ago just finding out if any interest on here,,,,£20 each
  19. anyone wishing to take on wild polecats let me know...i keep and breed them ,,,just bred a litter of pure wild ones and a couple of litters of first x,,,these are not for first time ferret keepers ,,,they tend to be timid and can give you one hell of a bite,,,i own a few and all can be handled,,,,last years litters were very dark,,,they can be handled if you are prepared to put lots of time into them,,,,,,if you look at james bradleys latest dvd for a few ferrets more he is handling one exactly like the ones i breed,very dark....
  20. hi i own a daystate airwolf in .177 cost new £1260 plus scopes,mounts,silencer,,,a mate of mine shoots a air arms s200 in .177 awesome little gun,,he doesnt miss many with it,,cheap enough to buy,,,it proves a point you dont have to spend a grand plus like me ..its down to the individual on getting used to his and the guns capabilities,,,
  21. hi just to give you an idea of what i use and do,,,,my gun is a daystate airwolf .177,niko sterling nighteater scopes,the pellets i use are bisley magnums ,,zeroed in at 30yds,,i set up a pigeon hide ,chair and wait for the rabbits to come out to feed,they are out and about by 7pm if its been a nice day,,what i do is put a marker in a couple of places around from me at the distance of 30 yds ,,so i know whats in the killing zone or too far...i do use a lamp on the gun which is a deben mini tracer on a mount above my scopes ,,dont tend to use it in the summer months has i get enough just sitti
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