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  1. Hey folks, I'm looking for some purse nets, does anyone on here make them to order or have a few for sale? Looking to buy 15-20 nets. I have paypal to use as payment. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, the cock bird is treading and hen is laying daily. really are nice birds.
  3. I have a pair of last years golden pheasants up for sale, nice strong healthy birds, very active. The cock bird is starting to color up & the hen has been in lay. Both have red rings on and unrelated. Only selling this pair as I need the aviary there in & cant house them with my other trio. they don't get on. £40 pair. Milly.
  4. Hey Skycat, Thanks for replying.. Hopfully they should be okay then, theres plenty of room for the to get out of each others way. Thanks, there due to hatch this Wednesday coming, so hoping some hatch. I wont be selling any of the young till a later date once I know what sex they are. But I do have a pair of last years golden pheasants for sale, Cock bird is just colouring up and hen has been in lay. Drop me a message if interested. Cheers for info.. Milly..
  5. Hi Folks, Not been online for ages.. Anyways I have a question on pheasants, I'm wondering if someone can give me an answer. I bought a trio of golden pheasants a couple of months ago and they have settled in really well and laid me lots of eggs, I've recently had a pheasant hen go broody and sit on some eggs. well about 2 weeks now she's been sitting. I have fertile eggs which is good. I still have the other pheasant hen and cock in the same aviary, will these help her bring up the young? once they hatch or will I need to move them to another aviary? Thanks Milly.
  6. Cheers pal, I'll have a look. Silvers are a bit big for what I want. I'm after lady Amherst as well. But not having much luck around here. i Picked up a pair of young goldens this morning. Very active birds.
  7. Does anyone have any mature golden pheasants for sale. Pair or trio. Thanks.
  8. let your german shepherds loose on to them aseel-shamo.
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