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  1. Just watched a guy over the last couple of days on YouTube whilst out ferreting he was seen teasing a working ferret with a live rabbit he’d just caught ,he struggled to get the rabbit out of the net at first ,then I couldn’t believe what he done he showed the rabbit for us all to see on camera still alive then whilst he had hold of the rabbit offer it to the ferret on the floor …the ferret had hold a couple of times ,the guy did eventually dispatch the rabbit ,not sure how many people watched this ,but it’s just the ammunition the government needs to get get the sport of ferreting banned as

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    Weirauch hw75 in 177 purchased this year hardly used in excellent condition complete with scope and bag,, great pistol ,may do a deal on a newish springer,,, based in wales


  3. View Advert Weirauch hw75 Weirauch hw75 in 177 purchased this year hardly used in excellent condition complete with scope and bag,, great pistol ,may do a deal on a newish springer,,, based in wales Advertiser bunny killer Date 23/12/21 Price £250.00 Category Airguns  
  4. Spun nylon purse nets View Advert spun nylon purse nets all pegged ,,,27 in total used but in great condition,,,all colours Advertiser bunny killer Date 08/03/20 Price £35.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  5. Brand new beeman carnivore View Advert Brand new beeman carnivore in 177,, complete set up scope,, gunbag,pellets,, retail over £270 I’m selling it for £150,,can post out for extra 20 pounds,, can send pics through WhatsApp send me ur mobile number Advertiser bunny killer Date 07/03/20 Price £150.00 Category Airguns  
  6. New airguns View Advert I’ve got three new air rifles all are 177 and are multishot ,,,bsa ultra xl 325 pounds,,,,Gamo gx40 which is basically a synthetic bsa ultra 275 pounds,,, kral maxi s 275,,,, all brand new in boxes with manuals etc,, taken in as a deal but of no use to me so grab a bargain,,,,any pics send me your WhatsApp number and I will send you pics all of these guns are on YouTube for you to see what they are capable of,,, ideal ratting guns Advertiser bunny killer D
  7. This is the earliest we've finished the season,,the inevitable would be a deep dig to a nest full of young,it was one of those days today where they just wouldn't bolt,a few times the going was slow and the problem bolter was a doe carrying young,,,,rabbits don't seem to be in numbers this season on a couple of my permissions so hopefully better next season,,
  8. Decided to call it a day,,,last two weekends we've had young in does,,,pointless killing next year's sport,,,
  9. Hi,,,I had the top the the range walnut sr in 177,,,nothing but trouble with it,,,brand new gun and kept blowing the breech seal, ,,never again,,,if the cocking lever drops slightly and you shoot the gun the damn seal goes,I had to put my hand under the lever to stop it dropping,,,I moved it from the right side to the left side so I could rest my hand under it,,,worst idea from airarms,,,,you could easily knock it when out,,I wouldnt have another galahad,,,
  10. View Advert out of town dvds Got series one to nine of the out of town series with Jack Hargreaves, ,also three extra dvds of the lost episodes,all originals in packaging,,theres three episodes on each dvd so great watching,theres also 16 loose dvds from the Warrener, Phil Lloyd, James Bradley, ferreting,airgun shooting,lurcher, terriers,,,looking to sell the lot for 50 pounds ,,would prefer collection but could post for extra 12 pounds pf48 Advertiser bunny killer Date
  11. View Advert genuine talpex mole traps I've got 21 genuine talpex mole traps,,excellent traps caught loads with these,,very strong straps,,will come with a carrying box,markers,,,,,,THESE ARE NOW SOLD Advertiser bunny killer Date 04/01/19 Price £150.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  12. View Advert trapline mole traps I've got 23 used trapline mole traps,,great traps but sadly retired from the job,,,THESE ARE NOW SOLD,,, Advertiser bunny killer Date 04/01/19 Price £150.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  13. View Advert rabbit purse nets plus dvds I've got 65 spun nylon purse nets all one metre and longer,,,,used but all pegged and in excellent condition,some are new,,,also 15 rabbiting and shooting dvds plus a fishing one,,,Phil Lloyd, James Marchington, James Bradley, Simon whitehead,,Stanley boys,,plus more,,,THESE ARE NOW SOLD Advertiser bunny killer Date 11/10/18 Price £180.00 Cat
  14. try chris boone...i get all of my traps off him,,,,talpex and tunnels.
  15. fishing kit View Advert ron thompson neoprene chest waders size 6/7.....also a sea flotation blue/yellow size small.only fault is a couple of tears in the lower back ,apart from that its perfect,,sell both for £30....these are now sold Advertiser bunny killer Date 05/12/17 Price £30.00 Category Fishing Kit
  16. Quick Set Long Nets View Advert Two baskets of Quickset longnets for sale all in excellent condition...in one basket theres a 50 yarder and 2 x 25 yarder nets .....in the other basket theres 1x 25 yarder and 3 x 10 yarders...all in as new condition..these nets were made by master hunter nets.double bagging 6z...these are now sold........ Advertiser bunny killer Date 15/11/17 Price £250.00 Category Ferreting Equipment
  17. hi,,,my mates got a brand new mk3m with two collars £200....give wayne a ring on 07504979659
  18. Aberbargoed..no he hasnt got a website..give him a ring
  19. hi ive found rob from custom engineering to be great in his ability to sort my hw100 leaking problems out,,,he not only repairs pcp airguns but springers as well,also they can customise woodwork and gun blueing.hydrodip any colour you want.contact rob 07790369926...
  20. hi,,,ive just put a load of purse nets on classifieds,,58 in total ,,mixture of good quality spun nylon plus nylon ,various sizes and colours from a metre up to 47 inches ,,they will all come with pegs and a large carry bag..
  21. my mates selling his mk1 stuff....mk1 box...8ft micro collar,, 50 nets,,,bow back box,,,give him a ring paul 07968111771
  22. hi,,,,contact all the motox tracks with the frame number ...will more than likely turn up on one of the tracks..
  23. I keep a few fenns,,,after the adjustment is done to lighten the plate,,one way in is going to be more sensitive than the other,,,its a great little trap though,,they do tend to rust a lot quicker than most traps..
  24. I also use the trapline gopher trap,another great little trap ,only drawback is you need a pair in every two way tube one to the left and other to the right,and they are not visible from above ground,great trap if you are working playing fields or footpaths where theres people about,but nice and light to carry,as I said you physically got to go back into the tube to see if you've caught,i normally use a metal tent skewer to hold the trap down as well,if not held down the mole could drag it back down the tube or a fox or cat could take the mole and trap.if you haven't killed it instantly,ive ha
  25. By placing a tube or ball across floor of the tunnel, below the trigger plate,the mole comes up against it and by trying to dig his way through the tube,ball or small mound you've placed he sets the plate off,,a bit of advice though theres plenty of talpex copies out there,they are not strong enough to drive the jaws through the soil,,learnt by mistake I bought a load only to find they had been set off but no mole,all the hard work for nowt .I have binned them ,now I will only use genuine talpex and I get them from chris boone.ive just done a ploughed field and had a good few from talpex as we
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