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  1. Kevin Hutton 26 mins ** Sorry to keep asking but please keep sharing ** Millroad Susie (one of the black bitches) has been found safe and well in Bidford-on-Avon and is on the way home. Jimmy was found in the Fiddlers Green area of Cheltenham. Other than some cut feet he's doing ok and is very happy to be home! Osby was found in Charlton Abbot's. He was very poorly but after a lengthy stay in the vets he's making great progress now. We still have two dogs missing though. One black bitch (Larlee) and one light brin
  2. I know your not implying that and CCTV footage has shown the breakin - another greyhound has been found which leaves 2 black bitches and 1 brindle dog left still missing . It could have been these anti greyhound protesters they would stoop so low as to do something like this who knows ? or some idiots who thought it was fun and bravado , there some sick twats out there
  3. He`s one of the top greyhound trainers and well respected and liked , he was at Towcester Greyhound Track for the heats of the English Derby last night he has a dog in the quarter finals .
  4. One has been found dumped in Cheltenham so please keep an eye out if any more are found in that area thanks
  5. **** ALERT *** 5 racing greyhounds stolen from Trainer Kevin Huttons kennels in Burford Oxfordshire *** PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE *** Last night at approximately 9.35pm our kennels in Burford, Oxfordshire were broken into and 5 of our racing greyhounds were stolen. We have two big brindle dogs, 1 black male and 2 black bitches missing. I'll update this later with pictures and ear marks. All dogs are microchipped as well. The police have been to the kennels and have done what they can but obviously the more we can get the
  6. No not rushing because of weather what i saw was the judges kept pulling the back end of the dogs out and quite rough doing it and plonking them down then it was sort of doing one back leg and slightly pulling that then the other leg - and I saw a lot of the dogs were arching up because of this handling . Also saw him pick every foot up and splay the toes , then grap the front leg and flex the wrist right back . This type of handling in my opinion can rely upset a young dog and pups which will stay with them for a long time and make them weary of any future showing especially whippets which
  7. Also the prices to get in £15 adult £10 pensioner £5 child or £35 family ticket- I know the weather was bad yesterday but that didnt reflect on the amount of stalls there which seem to get less every year The show yesterday was the worst I have seen it . Maybe the rent for the Pembrey location for the 2 days is very high so hence why they need to charge so much and it could be they are charging too higher rent for the stalls which is driving them away .. I think they need to look for a different venue and a cheaper one , although because it was apoor crowd there yeterday there were no tail b
  8. Did anyone go to the Welsh Game fair yesterday ? Terrible weather and I didnt take dogs. I thought the judging was a bit heavy handed tbh and glad i didnt take any dogs .
  9. I Posted in wrong section tried to delete but cant find the delete option
  10. Thanks very much TC . That makes it a lot easier
  11. This is my son`s Bitch he owns with trainer Kevin Hutton shes off in season at the moment http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=swansalona+diva&sex=&color=&birthyear=&birthland= He also has Borna Gene .http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?l=2093313
  12. Any of you on here watch sky greyhounds or RPGTV and follow any of the dogs
  13. I have been trying to get the address to pop down and get some meat but cant seem to find it anywhere and when you ask on the facebook page no one seems to answer . I have been buying the sleeves of minced beef from Byrons Butchers in Lllansamlet Swansea, but he has just put the price up to £1.99 a sleeve and 3 sleeves a fiver Iits a big hike up when it was 2 for £3 . How much is it if you buy straight from him and does anyone have an adsress or post code to the shop please
  14. Thanks Raynardman , But I don't think that's the stall I had my lead from , The one I had was £7 and I cant see any for that price on there , But thank you all the same .
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