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  1. Hi, I have two runs for sale 4ft x 6ft, half inch angle frame work with 1inch galvanised mesh galvanised roof door on the front of each i also have 6 7x 3' 1/2 ft double skinned box section sheets with 1 an 1/2" insulation in the middle £150 for the lot im in Torquay but can deliver within reason for diesel costs, thanks
  2. Friend picked one up off that Zulu last week hopefully will work out for him, ugly looking thing thow
  3. Carnt be that good a price their still hear
  4. As the title I have 10 sheets roughly 6 x 4 foot ideal for kennel runs/roofs or out buildings 1.5 inch thick no condensation build up either im in the Torquay area but can deliver within reason £100 for the lot...
  5. Hello all, just wonderd if anyone no's off anyone to move a dog need to get it from County durham to south west, Exeter area, any fedback apreciated, cheers
  6. cheers fella, yeah they are expensive they are selling for over £350 on ebay but i dont have an account so carnt put it on their, its still for sale thow if any ones intrested
  7. I have a sony ericsson satio mobile for sale its brand knew unwanted upgrade on orange network no use what so ever only turned on to check it all works, very expensive to buy knew loads off features 12 mega pixall camera etc etc.. all to technical for me, £275 buys it that includes the p&p, Torquay area.. cheers atb
  8. jamus


    Nice bit of work that
  9. Sorry must not of worded this properly, i meant wind as in stamina, endurance etc etc...
  10. Hi, just wonderd if any one had any tips for improvind wind? heard about something called redcell but dont really no much about it, any advice much appreciated. atb
  11. Why do people on hear always have to start arguments and put peoples dogs down, nicksringo has been honest from the start about the dogs witch are a steal for what he's asking ive seen the white bitch in the flesh and the pics dont do her justice. good luck with the sale mate
  12. I have traveled over 350 miles to breed a bitch before, if you wont the best from the dogs the time and effort is a small price to pay as it will all be worth it in the end, well hopefully
  13. nice one lads, great to give them a warm up
  14. nice looking dogs their fellas, nice to see some fitter examples of the breed
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